4 Jewelry Items That Will Make Your Style Stand Out

A meaningful piece of jewelry will perfect any outfit. It doesn’t matter if you choose a minimalist chain or a large statement pendant. All you need is a bit of jewelry to make your daily fit stand out. Once you know what jewels go well with the clothes you wear, you’ll turn heads with your accessories.

Even if you opt for minimalism, it will be a reflection of you. Jewelry is worth the investment because it lasts longer than regular everyday clothing. If cared for well, your favorite trinkets will accompany you as the years go by.

Let’s go over four jewelry items that will make your style stand out.

Hand Engraved Dagger Pendant

We show our strength through the accessories we choose to wear. With the hand-engraved dagger pendant, you are making a declaration of courage that everyone notices and respects when seen. It reminds us to trust in our personal strength when we head out to face the world.

Small Oval Signet Ring

Signet rings have been used in the past to seal letters and prove the sender’s identity. Today you can use a personalized signet ring to reflect your personality too. You can engrave it with yours and a significant other’s initial or another meaningful message. A trusted burner service will be able to get the message on and make it look perfect for you to wear.

Large Claddagh Ring

The Irish Claddagh symbol has a rich story behind it. Representing friendship, loyalty, and love, it can be enjoyed by anyone, even if someone is not of Irish descent. The Claddagh can be given as a token of friendship or a promise ring. Wearing this beautiful symbol indicates that you are loyal and open to love.

Music Note Pendant

Most of us consider music to be a big part of our lives. Whether you play an instrument or simply have a deep love for music, the songs we listen to forms who we are. The music note pendant is a poignant way to proclaim our love for melodic sounds. It’s a symbol understood in all cultures and crosses all genres. A music note pendant is a great gift idea for musicians to celebrate their first concert, or simply for someone who loves music.

Express Yourself

The jewelry you wear tells the world a lot about who you are. Whether you’re wearing a music note, a Claddagh on your finger, or a dagger for strength, the right piece of jewelry will be a great conversation starter when people ask about it. You are able to find your preferred piece of jewelry on websites like Sterling Assault or at your local mall. Don’t waste this chance to express yourself. Go find the perfect accessory that will last you a lifetime.

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