What Can Cause Damage to Your Hair?

If you are starting to notice that your hair has become dull and lifeless, or you see more split ends develop than usual, you must know what the cause of this hair damage is so that you can find ways to stop this damage in its tracks. To do so, here are some of the most common causes of hair damage and what you can do about it. 


Although you might think that stress purely affects your mind and mental health, this is not the case, and stress can have an impact on every single part of your body, including your hair. If your stress levels have recently skyrocketed, you should consider getting a massage at clinics like heavenandearthmassage.co.uk. They will help you reduce tension in your body and relax your mind, which can have a knock-on impact on your hair and allow it to shine once more. 

Your Diet

However, if there is one lifestyle change that you can make for your hair’s benefit, this should be eating a healthier diet. If you do not consume the right vitamins and minerals, your hair will be unable to flourish and look great. To support your hair health, you should consider eating fatty fish like salmon and tuna, nuts, and beans. You should also try to eat more vegetables, especially crunchy or leafy ones, and consider adding eggs to more of your meals. These foods will allow you to consume more of the vitamin D and C and the iron and fatty acids you need to support your hair growth and health. 

Hair Products

Although hair products can make your hair look glossy and smooth, they can also leave your hair brittle and dry due to the number of chemicals inside of them. To protect your hair as much as possible, you should try to follow the directions on their labels, use a limited amount of the product each day, and look for products that contain more natural ingredients that will not be so harsh on your hair. 

You should also be careful when using hair styling equipment, as this can dry your hair out and make it take on a straw-like consistency. Instead, you should try to dry your hair naturally or use non-electronic equipment to achieve your desired style. 

Dying Your Hair

If you dye your hair, you may find that it begins to lose its buoyancy and flexibility and that it is dry and lifeless. This does not mean that you should give up on making your hair a vibrant color, though. Instead, you should consider making subtle changes to the color of your hair rather than opting to bleach it, consider using other types of dye such as henna and chalks, and dye it only when the last color has started to grow out, rather than simply whenever you get bored of your latest hair-do. 


If you love swimming, you should take extra measures to protect your hair from the impact of chlorine. For instance, you should wear a swimming cap, tie your hair up when swimming, and wash your hair straight after you have been in the pool.

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