Mercedes-Benz Woman Eau De Parfum Review

Today I’m going to talk about my new acquisition, Mercedes Benz eau de parfum for women. I made this gift to myself this Christmas and although I haven’t had it for a long time, I have already formed an opinion and am ready for a review.

Funny story how I ended up with this perfume

I hadn’t tried this scent before and it wasn’t one I was looking for. Actually, a few days before this purchase I went to the store to buy some gifts and left with several perfumed paper strips. I fell in love with one of them, so I went back to look for this perfume. The problem was that the shop assistant couldn’t recognise this odour. So, she sprayed some paper strips again with the perfumes I believed I had tried the other day. After a while, I had spotted the one I loved. Unfortunately, we hadn’t written on the strips the name of each sample and we were at point zero again! To make long story short, I thought I had bought the one I had fallen for, but I soon discovered it was a completely different aroma.


As I already mentioned, it was a Christmas purchase, thus I wore it a lot during the holidays. At first I wasn’t sure if I really like it but it convinced me soon that it suits me. It is very festive and glamorous and I love it for a joyful event. I believe it is more appropriate for the evening and formal occasions. I don’t think I would wear it on a daily basis. I can see myself wearing it mostly in winter.


This fragrance exudes charm and splendor. It is a floral oriental modern perfume which can not go unnoticed. It can accentuate a strong personality and it gives me confidence when I wear it.

The bottle looks more juvenile than the perfume itself. It has a purplish cute design that isn’t representative of the smell it emits and looks cheap as well. My kids, who like cars, like the bottle with the mercedes symbol and I promised to give it to them when it is empty.

The original price was 51 euros for the 30ml bottle and it is also available in 60ml and 90 ml. Nevertheless, the day I purchased it it was on a 50% discount, that’s why I went for it although I wasn’t sure if it was the one I was looking for.

Who is it for?

It is a luxurious feminine redolence which would be a possible choice for a dynamic woman. I don’t find it suitable for very young girls. Thanks to its woody, musky accords I can also imagine a man wear it if he likes vanilla notes on him.


Top Notes : Peach

Heart Notes : Jasmine

Base Notes : Vanilla

The verdict

Would I buy Mercedes-Benz Woman again? Yes, I don’t regret this accidental purchase. I had the chance to discover a new lovable perfume and I have already started thinking I don’t want to run out of it. A few drops are enough so I don’t think it is going to end soon, especially if I don’t wear it as an every day perfume. I hope I am lucky to find it in such a great price again.

Have you tried it? If not, does it sound like a scent you would be intrigued to try?

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