Can Consuming CBD Daily Help To Improve Our Skin Problems?

Problems are the opposite side of the coin, life. Human beings have come a long way to overcome their hurdles and are still doing. With time new inventions make our life smoother. Science and technology are the dawn of humanity, making life smoother with every passing second. These have taught us to deal with problems efficiently. From this pandemic, we learned that nothing beats human beings. For years staying confined in rooms could not stop us from making a mark in the world. The pace of our lives increased rather than decreased. Technology upgraded, and we learned to be more quick than usually. In the race of making our life easier, taking care of oneself gets forgotten. Everything has a price, our physical and mental health compensates for the new fast pace of the world. 

New synthetic chemical drugs may be cheap and handy, but they have many side effects. The gases from our scientific innovations, like AC, refrigerators, cars, pollute the environment. They, in turn, make our health compensate for those. Skin problems arise due to this. These need medication from products that are safe and organic. Many go for chemical drugs that are effective because they go through clinical trials. But, there are many side effects. 

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol, also known as cannabis or hemp, is a chemical made from the Cannabis sativa plant. It is only one of the many chemicals found called cannabinoids. Consumers have used CBD to treat and help many medical conditions. Through the centuries, people all around the globe have reported numerous benefits of this herb. These benefits include treating anxiety, pain, muscle disorder, dystonia, Parkinson’s, Crohn and even help with epilepsy and cancer. There are two ways of extraction of CBD. It is either extracted by alcohol extraction or by CO2 extraction. The seed oil extracted is used in various products such as pills, gummies, vapors pills, topicals, patches.

CBD and THC are often confused. However, they are pretty different. THC produces a trance state. CBD does not do that, giving them an upper hand. Consumption of CBD, relaxation, and soothing sensation is natural to occur. It often attracts primary users too. CBD may also help to increase your appetite keeping a foot in every field.

Is CBD Legal? 

Until recently, CBD products fell into the same category as heroin, according to federal drug laws. However, the recent farm law in December 2018 legalized CBD products as they derived from hemp and contained only 0.3% THC. Hence, it does not fall under Schedule I drugs and is completely legal. But, it is necessary to buy full spectrum CBD products from reputable brands, which ensures the quality of the products. Buying from a reputable company also ensures legality and maintains safety regulations.

Is CBD good for the skin?

       1. CBD for acne-prone skin

Acne is the most irritating thing on the face that pops up out of nowhere. People who have oily skin are the worst sufferers. Caring for acne-prone skin is more about protecting the skin from acne by applying harmful chemicals and torturing it more and more. It contains oil-reducing, anti-inflammatory properties that improve in removing acne. CBD acts on human sebocytes and prevents the cells from creating sebum, a waxy substance that the skin produces. It helps minimize the oiliness and prevents the popping up of acne. 

 2. Dryness and itching

When your skin is out of moisture, the skin becomes dry. Dryness in the skin causes itching and can be irritating sometimes. Eczema is a common disease and is a cause of patches of irritated, itchy, dry, inflamed skin. 

For people who believe in the natural ways of remedy, it is the best option for them and can help soothe the skin in the purest possible way. Because of its anti-inflammatory properties, CBD helps in reducing swelling, irritation, and redness from the skin. 

      3. CBD for anti-aging and wrinkles

After 30 or so, the skin becomes less elastic and firm. The skin becomes thinner, and the quality to heal itself decreases. The aging is visible because of exposure to sunlight and ultraviolet rays. Stress, pollution, and an unhealthy diet also affect the conditions of the skin. It is impossible to prevent aging. But, at least what we can do is reverse premature aging. Antioxidants are the keys to fighting the ravages of aging and help the skin to slow down the aging process. 

CBD has powerful antioxidant properties that help reduce free radicals that wreak havoc throughout the body. 

    4. CBD soothes sensitive skin

CBD normalizes skin conditions and helps to get smooth and soothing skin. It minimizes skin sensitivity issues, including reactivity and redness. CBD’s smooth mechanism helps the skin be clear and serves as a protective barrier against environmental insults.

CBD benefits pain relief

Studies have showed that chronic pain from arthritis, multiple sclerosis, or other conditions get better on intake of CBD. The endocannabinoid system regulates emotions, motor, immune system, and response to pain. After devouring CBD in the body, the perception and response to pain get affected. CBD is known for its anti-inflammatory properties, so it can reduce chronic nerve pain and inflammation.

CBD also helps to reduce spasticity among individuals with multiple sclerosis and helps them to walk. 

CBD helps to reduce PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) symptoms. When we combine THC and CBD, they create an entourage-like effect complementing each other’s benefits and potency. 

CBD helps reduce the effects of high glucose levels in the body, which precedes the development of diabetes. It can provide significant neuroprotection against pathological disorders.

What are the side effects of CBD?

The most common side effect of CBD includes dry mouth, reduced appetite, and nausea. Other side effects include abnormal liver function, sedation, pneumonia reported in childhood epilepsy studies. However, these effects are only visible if you take CBD with other sedating medications. It is necessary to note that the market has products of saturated CBDs that are of low quality. So, before you try CBD, consult with a medical professional to check the safety aspects of the products and avoid potentially harmful reactions. 


CBD can be advantageous for skincare, and people can directly apply it to their skin, consume it or use beauty products such as creams and lotions that consist of CBD oil. Beauty products with CBD are gaining popularity in the markets, and people are slowly getting to know about the uses of these beauty products. A person looking to use CBD as their skincare remedy must also consider the other ingredients present. A product of cbd for acne scars is a must have. It would help them determine whether these products help address their respective issues.

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