As I get older, I pay more attention to my skin care. The part I focus on the most in the last couple of years is the eyes because it is the most sensitive area of the face. The last eye product I have tried is OBAGI ELASTIDERM® EYE CREAM. You can read below my experience with this product.

I have used many eye products. I have tried both cheap eye creams from the super market and more expensive high-end brands, but this one from Pure Obagi is the most expensive of all. So, let’s see, is it worth it?

I’m turning 42 next month and although I don’t have very visible wrinkles, I can see some fine lines around the eye area. I wear my eye cream every morning and evening after good cleansing.

Except for the eye area I usually apply the eye cream between my eyebrows too as this part of the face has started to lose its firmness.

What I expect from an eye cream

When I choose an eye cream I expect some results. First of all, I don’t want this product to cause any eye irritation. Then, I want it to give me a feeling of elasticity around the eye area and to be able to wear it under my foundation as an eye makeup base. And of course, seeing visible results on fine lines is also what I’m looking for.

Using Obagi Elastiderm eye cream for 2 weeks

Pure Obagi claims that you are going to see the desired results within the first two weeks of use thanks to the patented Bi-Mineral Contour Complex™. From the first application I felt my skin hydrated and soft. I haven’t experienced any discomfort or irritation either I use it alone or under my foundation or concealer. I am impressed that I have seen improvement on my fine lines already.

Actually, looking at these photos I can see a remarkable improvement around the eye area.

First you can see a random photo I took before starting applying the Obagi eye cream with makeup on.

Then you can see my photos after I have used the Obagi Elastiderm eye cream for two weeks with and without makeup.

Would I buy it again?

I am satisfied with the results and I would love to buy Obagi Elastiderm eye cream again. It offers everything I expect from an eye cream and it covers my current needs. The only disadvantage is the price, but it’s really worth it. The truth is that we tend to buy cheaper products which don’t satisfy our needs and we end up wasting more money instead of investing on one good product.

My experience with Pure Obagi has been perfect and I would be interested in trying more products from this brand.

Are you familiar with this brand? If you haven’t heard of it or you haven’t had the chance to try one of their products, I definitely recommend it. From the safe packaging to the amazing results, this brand has my approval!

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