Popular Granny Flat Designs in 2022

Due to the pandemic, all of us have been spending a lot of time at home, and now we all have built a special relationship with it. And those who take up the home building projects, for them it is the perfect time to show their talent and tell people how they can maximise the overall income yield from these projects. And do you know what is the perfect way to achieve it? Yes, the Granny Flat Designs.

The Granny flat design serves you with the most perfect way to increase the current value of your property and provides different facilities that can boost your income. In 2022, when spring is right over our head, it is the perfect time to increase property income through your projects. Here are the trending granny flat designs to help you get the best.

The Trending Granny Flat Designs

The Modern Granny Flat Design

The modern granny flat design uses a skillion roofs. If you do not know what a skillion roof is, then wait, let me explain to you. It is a juxtaposition of weather tex cladding with both horizontal and vertical arrangements. And adding a simple neutral colour to this design makes the entire look modern. 

A modern design is important because it is the trend of the current generation of buyers. Therefore, such a design would increase the mass appeal and attract potential tenants to pay an excellent value for your property. 

The Bright and Bold Granny Flat Design

The old tradition of adding a jewel tone to enhance the vibrance of the flat has long gone. According, to the granny flat design you can increase the boldness and brightness of the flat by adding a gorgeous blue exterior. You can complement it with a white large deck that everyone dreams of. Play with your imagination and create what people crave.

Entertaining Granny Flat Design

You can make the living space fun by adding an outdoor space. You can increase the value of the granny flat with a simple entertaining area which everyone would prefer. This outdoor area can be within the glass doors, which makes it look larger and brings more brightness. 

You can attract potential tenants by luring them to a beautiful, classy outdoor space. An entertaining space will be beneficial for those with a family and kids, and single tenants as well. Singles can use it as an outing space with friends, and it also saves a lot of money. 

Timeless Elegance Granny Flat Design

The safest design to go with is the timeless elegant granny flat design. Because no tenant with a classy taste would ignore a flat with neutral colours. Studies tell that the neutral colour appeals more to people and provides a clean look. Also, a simple design would not take much time and effort. Moreover, it enhances the features and reduces the ambiguity of vision. People fall for such designs, and as an owner, it is the best approach to go with. Because it never fails.

Make sure that the Light Enters

You can create windows on the roof to get the maximum possible sunlight in the area. Skylight is a fantastic way to keep the flat fresh and alive. When you have a large area from where light can enter your room, then it makes the room look bigger and brighter. Therefore, make sure that each room gets the maximum possible sunlight. And it will also help you to create a great first impression in front of the potential flat tenants. 

Add a Touch of Luxury 

The granny flat design tells you to add luxury to the flat. It would create a statement in front of potential buyers. For example- if you add a feature tap or a sink in your kitchen, it would not only increase the functionality of the kitchen but also break the standard trend of kitchen designs. 

Luxury does not mean buying expensive accessories. Rather, investing in elements that aren’t common. Another example is adding a black matte finish to the tap and a few other corners. Such a finish would compliment the other neutral tones of your kitchen.

Optical Illusion

Another trick that the 2022 granny flat designs give you is to add items that provide the optical illusion. Add elements that make the room look bigger and brighter. For example- a mirrored wardrobe will not only look unique but reflect light into the room. Another element that would benefit you and create an optical illusion is wide and long windows. It makes the space look bigger and allows enough sunlight.

Open Plan Living

The living area is where we spend most of our time. Therefore, it is essential to make it more functional. With an open plan living, you can maximise the space of your living area and go with a seamless design everywhere.

So, these were a few trending granny flat designs. Do follow them and let us know your experience.

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