The 4 Most Popular Perfume Scents

Since it was first invented in the 14th-century people all over the world have been experimenting with different scents for perfume. Today the perfume industry is worth over $31 billion. There are countless different types of perfume fragrances to choose from.

But some types of perfume scents are more popular than others. In fact, there are some perfumes that are so undeniably iconic they’re beloved the world over and will go down in history as being so. Read on for a rundown of the four most popular and best smelling perfume scents now.

1. Chanel No. 5

Even if you know nothing about perfume you’ve definitely heard of Chanel No. 5 before. It’s a testament to how popular this fragrance is that it’s an instantly recognizable name. So is the fact that Chanel No. 5 was first launched a century ago and it’s still very much in demand today.

This scent is the perfect blend of floral and woodiness. It includes notes of rose, vanilla, sandalwood, and patchouli.

2. Diptyque Do Son

It might not be as well-known as Chanel but in the world of perfume Diptyque is a huge name. Known for making some of the most luxurious and complex perfumes on the market, this iconic brand has more than one amazing scent to its name.

Do Son is a sweet-smelling scent with notes of tuberose, orange tree leaves, and white musk. It’s one of the brand’s best-selling scents.

3. Philosophy Amazing Grace

Amazing Grace has been around for decades but remains a constant favorite. That’s because it’s a timeless and ageless scent that suits plenty of people and almost every situation.

Amazing Grace is a clean and fresh scent built on floral notes. It’s a beautiful blend of bergamot, grapefruit, jasmine, and musk.

4. Glossier You

Glossier is a giant in the beauty world that has proved itself to be capable of producing some truly extraordinary scents. Its most popular perfume You is one such creation. It’s a perfume that takes you by surprise and grabs your attention which is exactly what makes it so wildly popular.

This scent has unusual notes of pink pepper, iris, and ambrox. It’s a warm, spicy, and inviting perfume perfect for those with an adventurous streak.

Choosing the Perfect Perfume

If this guide has inspired you it’s about time you choose your own scent. Here are some tips to help you pick the perfect perfume.

Always test your perfume on your body as scents react differently with different people’s physiology. Match your perfume to your personality—are you more a woodsy or floral person?

When you’re ready to make your purchase consider buying direct rather than through a third party. You can find information on why its better here.

Popular Perfume Scents

The world is made up of an array of amazing perfume scents. We hope this guide will be useful in helping you find your signature scent.

If you’re looking for more beauty tips we’ve got plenty. Check out our other articles now.

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