Redecorating Your Home? Types of Wall Art You Can Incorporate

One of the easiest ways to decorate your home is to hang artwork, quotes, illustrations, and family photos on your walls. Before you head off to the printer, however, consider these different types of printing processes and how they can change the look and feel of your wall art.

Acrylic Prints

If you want your artwork to last, go with an acrylic print. It’s a high-end printing style with a polished, professional look, and it’s also quite durable, so it’ll keep for years. The secret to its longevity is the way that the acrylic printing process seals the image under a protective layer that’s resistant to everything from humidity to ultraviolet light. Choose an acrylic print if you want to hang photos in a brightly lit hallway or a room that’s always getting gusts from your heater or A/C unit.

Wood Prints

You might be familiar with trendy home decor like wooden box signs, but did you know that you can also transfer portraits and photos to wood? The image won’t be as clear as other types of printing, but that’s part of its charm: The visible wood grain gives it a rustic, “country farmhouse” kind of aesthetic. Wood prints are traditionally made with hardwoods like maple, but other types are available as well, including synthetic wood for the budget-minded.

Metal Prints

Also known as “aluminum prints,” metal prints are a new kind of way to display artwork and photography. Despite their name, they don’t shine like a tin can; they just use a metal printing process that transfers images onto an aluminum base layer. The smooth and sleek surface makes for crisp, clean, and vivid lines, and as a bonus, it doesn’t have to be framed. Metal prints are especially striking in color, but they can also create deep and beautiful contrasts with black-and-white subjects.

Canvas Prints

Canvas prints have become a popular way to display wall art. Your image will be printed on a canvas fabric stretched to complete flatness across a wooden frame; the end result will be so smooth that you might not even realize that you’re looking at a fibrous material. Popular canvas types include cotton, linen, hemp, and polyester. You can frame it or leave it unframed, and you order canvas prints in just about every size imaginable. One of the benefits of canvas printing is that it’s cheaper than paper printing, so if you’ve always wanted a huge piece of art for your wall, canvas might be the most cost-effective option as opposed to a paper or poster print.

These are just a few printing methods for your next piece of wall art. You might be surprised to realize that traditional paper printing is only one of many different home decor options available to you!

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