5 Business Trends That Are Shaping The Fashion Industry

Every side of fashion is being transformed by digital trends – everything from design and sales to the launch of disruptive new digital brands and those business models that can be used to save the planet.  If the question is what these digital trends and business models actually have in common, the simplest answer is that to a large extent they are enabled by digital technology. Popular smart brands are the ones having a close look at these digital trends and trying to evolve their businesses around the opportunities created by them and the imperatives uncovered.

Sustainability and digitization

Sustainability and digitization nowadays represent two major categories that will differentiate and have an impact on fashion trends in the future. There will be no brands or retailers that will be able to avoid them for sure. Sustainability and digitization represent things that are anything but opposites and on top of all that many sustainable developments can only be implemented through some digital processes. 

With the movement of the fashion industry more and more towards fast fashion, a huge global pressure is put on global apparel companies in order to produce more products in less time and of course lower costs. And we can say that the traditional methods that were previously used, no longer meet these new expectations. New technologies are there to help automate existing manual processes and in order to achieve the desired efficiencies. Some of the tools used here are actually built on emerging technologies like AI and ML, they are used to transform the approach of the fashion industry on how to manage supply chain operations and control. 

Made-to-order fashion

Many apparel brands are turning toward a made-to-order clothing production model, it might become difficult to do something like that without having in-house manufacturing since so many companies won’t even start producing fashion designs on a small scale. However, if your brand is just at the beginning and cannot afford the heavy up-front cost of the equipment and technology needed to manufacture its own goods, you can find made-to-order clothing manufacturers that can help you find factories that willing to take on small batches, low and minimum production runs, and save your brand some money by making a made-to-order production cycle a more realistic one.

The best made-to-order clothing brands are the ones creating affordable, sustainable, and fashionable garments just after you purchase them. They actually produce beautiful fashion in an ethical and sustainable sense and in small quantities. The world of made-to-order business gives you so many options and makes it a lot easier for you to rep your own style rather than simply following the trends that fast fashion brands set. 

The rise of machine learning

A machine that can learn and adopt the intelligent behavior of a human is nothing new. Nowadays, what these advanced algorithms are doing is that they are trying to transform the way in which the manufacturing industry can collect information, perform skilled labor, and in a way can predict consumer behavior. Some of them can even be used to predict themes in terms of trending patterns, silhouettes, colors, and styles and can be used to provide customer sentiment when it comes to products and runway images. Some are almost completely replacing humans in order to detect when are the right time and product for a certain brand’s ideal customer.

High-tech textile materials

Companies are taking completely new approaches to natural fibers,  and that has impacted the fashion industry to significantly change their view on how synthetic fibers are made. The new fabrics, which combine special treatments that have unusual material blends, are quick-drying, are also less absorbent, moisture-wicking,  definitely better at controlling temperature, and excellent at controlling odors. Activewear and outdoor clothing are the two categories where the tech fabric takeover is most noticeable, and many businesses have created new solutions that guarantee comfort while performing different physical activities.

Fashion for the Metaverse

During and after the pandemic the world moved towards more and more Zoom calls, virtual classes, online concerts,  and people have started paying a lot more attention to how their virtual avatar looks. The collaboration between the fashion and gaming industries has taken this new trend to a completely different level for Gen-Z. Many brands like Balenciaga and Fortnite have already entered this space.

Yes,  we can say that fashion is definitely in the midst of transformation. The blend of social media, eCommerce, and other digital trends has given a super-power to the creation and speed-to-market of garments and trends. And there is still more to learn about digital trends and technologies that are changing the fabric of fashion. 

About the author:

Peter is a fashion stylist and a writer from Brisbane, Australia. After graduating from Australian Institute of Creative Design he worked as a fashion stylist for few local fashion events. Beside fashion and styling, he enjoys traveling around exotic destinations and discovering new vintage stores. His future plans are in creating his personal styling business.

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