5 Fashion Trends That Will Keep You Stylish & Comfortable

It’s important to have a nice variety of clothing items at your disposal. So think of yourself as a curator, and always include versatile and comfortable pieces in your wardrobe. When organizing your closet, remember to remove old clothes that no longer fit, and add new pieces that complement your evolving lifestyle. Items that go together in color and style are more appealing so when picking out clothing, it’s best to have a theme in mind. Here are some ideas to get you started.

1. The Suit Look

If you have an office job or want to make a good impression at a work event, it is important to have an impressive suit in your closet. Include several black, grey, or navy blue suits and a pant and a jacket for each. Try to find pieces that don’t have many details or embellishments so they can be worn with the same blouses and cardigans. Suits are classic and allow for a lot of versatility. Buy a few different colors to mix and match with other shirts, ties, and shoes. But since suits can sometimes feel much more formal than you want, try to find separates that are similar in color or pattern. This is a great way to minimize the fussiness of a suit while still allowing yourself to look professional.

2. Tie-dye

Tie-dyeing is an easy way to add a little bit of fun to your outfit. Tie-dyeing is dying clothes with patterns and colors. Tie-dyeing can be done in a few different ways, but using fiber-reactive dye or fabric paint is most recommended. Using fabric paint allows you to cover the entire piece with a bit more intention, whereas dye leaves your final product a mystery. If you’d prefer not to tie-dye yourself, you can find items in-store or online that are already tie-dyed for you. They come in a wide variety of colors and patterns. Keep your closet trendy and stylish by mixing patterns from different shirts and blouses and using tie-dye as an accent.

3. The One-Shoulder Trend

If you want to add glam to your wardrobe, try the one-shoulder trend. A one-shoulder blouse is a great way to show confidence while being sexy and feminine. You can also try a top with cutouts on the shoulders or arms with slits in the back of the shirt. Avoid wearing clothes that are boring and never go out of style by including gorgeous, sparkly one-shoulder dresses in your closet. These dresses make you look sophisticated but also flirty. If you don’t usually wear dresses, consider buying a knee-length or longer maxi dress with a bold one-shoulder detail.

4. The Cuffed Pants Look

Cuffed pants are comfortable and stylish, which makes them perfect for a casual day. A pair of cuffed dark blue jeans gives you a little bit of an edge while still looking put together. If you don’t have cuffed pants, try on a pair of pants you already own and curl the ends up to see if you like them. You might find that you love it! The best way to pull off this look is to wear it with sneakers or flats and have your top half a bit dressier than your bottom half. For inspiration, check out the amazing Zac & Rachel clothing collection. You can shop cute and trendy styles that will go great with your new cuffed look.

5. T-shirt and Jeans

This might be the most classic and simple combination out there. But mixing it up with different patterns and styles of tees and jeans is so easy. Get a few plain, white tees in various sizes, a few shirts with trendy prints that are normally printed with DTF printers, and a pair of dark jeans in a dark wash for each day of the week. If you want to look good in jeans, make sure they are comfortable.


Having a bountiful and well-organized closet will help you create an easy-to-navigate selection. And the trendy, stylish clothing ideas mentioned above will give your wardrobe a lot more versatility. They’ll help you create outfits that are both appealing and comfortable to wear which is of the utmost importance. Let’s face it; when you look good, you deserve to feel good as well. 

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