Steps You’ll Need to Take to Repair Your Leaky Pipes

Leaky pipes in your home are a nuisance that can’t be ignored. If you have storm-water drainage pipes leaking into other parts of your house, it’s time to do some quick repairs. Repairing leaky pipes is an extensive process, but it can be easy. Here are the steps you’ll need to take to repair your leaky pipes.

Turn Off Water Supply

Turn off the water to your house. When you turn off the water, it is necessary to turn off both the main water line and the faucet. If you have a shutoff valve in your house, make sure you have turned the shutoff valve on for both the main water line and faucet.

Clean Up Any Water and Dry the Pipes

After you have turned off the water to the entire house, it’s time to start cleaning up the water. Water overflows can damage your pipes, so you need to make sure that all traces of overflowing water are gone from your home and your yard. Use drain cleaners, absorbent paper towels, and rags to soak up all the moisture in your yard and house. Remember hard-to-reach creases along fences or cracks between floors and walls.

Apply Plumbing Putty to Leaky Pipe

After you have removed all water from your house, use plumbing putty to cover the outside of the leaky pipe. Using a putty knife, spread a thick layer of the putty around the area of the pipe that is leaking. It is important to completely cover the entire area of leakage.

Replace the Leaky Pipe

After you have completely covered the outside of the leaky pipe, it’s time to replace the pipe. Attach a new pipe section that is cut from a thick rubber gasket. This will help to seal off any new areas where water can leak into your house. This is especially helpful if your pipes are old and beginning to rot.

Clamp Small Leaks

You will also need to fix any smaller leaks in your pipes. Inspect any joints, holes, or seams where the pipes are connected to the rest of your house. Use asphalt seam sealant to fix these leaks and keep water out of your home.

It’s easy to repair leaky pipes in your home if you know exactly where the leak is coming from and how much damage has occurred. If you want to ensure that your house is completely fixed, schedule a service call with a professional. A professional can tell you if an overflowing water supply has permanently damaged any of your pipes. A company like AZ Emergency Plumbing LLC offers various plumbing services, including repairing leaky pipes and installing new pipes.

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