How to Save Money on Your Air Conditioning Bill Without Sacrificing Comfort

With summer temperatures steadily increasing each year, it’s essential to have an air conditioning unit to keep your home cool and comfortable. However, running an AC can cause your energy bill to skyrocket, leaving you feeling discouraged about using it as much as you need to. Don’t worry; there are several ways to save on your air conditioning bill without sacrificing your comfort.

Invest in a New Air Conditioning Unit

Buying a new, energy-efficient air conditioning unit can save you a lot of money on your monthly energy bills. Although buying a new unit may seem like a significant expense initially, you’ll appreciate the savings in the long run. Look for a unit with a high SEER rating, which can range from 13-22, as it indicates the air conditioning unit’s energy efficiency. Higher SEER rated units have a higher price tag but save energy in the long run, making them a smart investment. Talk to professionals, like Mike’s Heating and AC Service, to determine which unit is best for your home. 

Program Your Thermostat

If you’re away from home for long periods, programming your thermostat to adjust the temperature automatically can make a big difference. By setting your thermostat to a higher temperature during the day when you’re away from home and adjusting it to a lower temperature at night can save energy when you’re not using it. Although this won’t produce drastic savings, it will help lower your monthly energy bill over time.

Use Fans

Fans are a great way to keep the air moving and help people feel cooler. By using your ceiling fans in conjunction with your AC, you can set your thermostat higher than usual, saving money on your energy bill. Most fans have a switch that allows you to change the direction of the blades, which means that the blades can push cool air down in the summer months or redistribute warm air in the winter months.

Inspect and Maintain Your Unit

Regular maintenance and inspection can help ensure that your air conditioning unit runs efficiently. Your unit’s air filter must be cleaned or replaced every month to keep it running smoothly and efficiently, or you’ll risk blockages and energy inefficiency. Ensure that your equipment is clean and free of debris surrounding the unit. After a while, dirt, leaves, and other debris can accumulate around the unit, causing it to work harder than it needs to. This can result in a higher energy bill, but with regular cleaning, you can maintain your system’s efficiency.

Use Curtains and Window Coverings

Window shades, curtains, and other coverings can help keep your home cool and reduce the amount of heat from sunlight entering your home. Limiting the amount of heat coming into your home with blinds or curtains can help your air conditioning unit work efficiently by keeping your home’s interior cooler. You may also choose to invest in reflective or insulated curtains as an alternative.

Summertime can be unbearable without air conditioning, but using it doesn’t have to be costly. By investing in a new AC unit, programming your thermostat, using fans, maintaining your unit, and utilizing window coverings and curtains, you can save money while staying comfortable this summer. Additionally, taking these eco-friendly steps also helps preserve the environment, making it a win-win situation.

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Lizzie Weakley is a freelance writer from Columbus, Ohio. In her free time, she enjoys the outdoors and walks in the park with her husky, Snowball.

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