Wedding Tips for Travel Lovers

If you are passionate about travel and are always planning your next vacation, why shouldn’t your wedding incorporate the joy of seeing new places? For those who are about to get married and do not want to ignore the excitement and thrill that travel brings them each time they jet off to distant shores, this article is for you. Here are some wedding tips for travel lovers. 

  1. Have a Destination Wedding 

The most obvious option for orienting your wedding around travel is to plan a destination wedding. A destination wedding will allow you to blend getting married with visiting a place you have always wanted. This means that you may be able to tick off another country from your bucket list while allowing you to get married in beautiful, surroundings in the climate that you want. It will also give your guests the chance to explore, relax, and sunbathe, and they may enjoy themselves more than they would at home because of this. This is an especially good choice if you and your partner love travel and have a small wedding party. It can also prevent the need for a honeymoon. 

However, you should be aware that destination weddings can sometimes be difficult to organize. For instance, you need to travel somewhere you are able to get married. You also need to make sure that your wedding outfits are packed safely and that you can book the flights and accommodations you have in mind. Once it is organized, though, the payoff will be great. If you are worried about planning your wedding abroad, you should consider contacting a wedding co-ordinator, such as those at, as they may be able to help you to get the wedding you want. 

If you are worried that you will not be able to take everyone on your destination wedding with you, you might consider eloping or simply having a quick wedding as part of a larger trip, as this will allow you to get married without any hassle at a different destination that you might not have visited before, like Las Vegas. 

  1. Pick an Extravagant Honeymoon Destination 

You might want to stay at home so that you can get married in front of all the people you love best, but that does not stop you from picking a wonderful honeymoon destination. In fact, rather than just opting for a beach vacation or spending two weeks by the pool, you might decide to use the travel time to trek through rainforests, hike up mountains, and try out water sports in the destination of your dreams. You could even decide to go backpacking and see multiple countries at once if you do not care about glamor or luxury. Many people who want to see more than one country decide to go on a cruise, as this gives you a chance to see many places while living the high life. Your honeymoon is hopefully a once-in-a-lifetime occurrence, so you should make the most of it by choosing a destination you both want to visit and that will help you cement the spark between you that you will carry throughout the rest of your married lives. 

  1. Host Your Wedding in a Beautiful Area of Your Country

If travel is not on the cards due to health issues, other commitments, or money, you should ensure that you host your wedding in a beautiful area of your country. This can be just as good as a foreign vacation, and you might use the opportunity to visit areas of your country that you have not been to before. A surprising number of people have not explored their home country much, and doing so can help you see your country in a new light. So, why not become a tourist in the United States for a while? You might decide to go to another state or just visit an unusual place in your home state that you’ve not really been exposed to before. You might even opt to have a wedding by the sea or even in the desert.

  1. Pick a Gorgeous Venue 

If you and your spouse adore travel, you should also consider picking a gorgeous venue that makes you feel like you are in another world. One of the best options for those who love to visit historic places when they travel is to get married in an older venue rich with past events. This can help your wedding to feel instantly atmospheric, and you might decide to theme your wedding around a different area. You might also decide to have an outdoor wedding or choose an unusual venue for your marriage ceremony, such as a zoo, a theme park, or an observatory. This can help make your wedding unique to you and ensure that it is centered around your interests and passions outside of travel or those that make travel fun for you. 

  1. Enjoy a Travel Themed Wedding

You should also consider planning a travel-themed wedding if you are unable to get away for your vows. There are many simple touches that you can add to your wedding to do this. For instance, you might decide to hang up map-patterned bunting and globes around your venue, or you might design invites that are in the same shape as airline tickets or passports. You could also theme your wedding around travel by serving dishes from all over the globe, and even by asking your guests to theme their attire as if they were on vacation. Your cake might be in the shape of an atlas, while your flowers might be exotic and foreign to the country in which you are getting married. Your wedding outfits might also incorporate travel, and you might have a wedding dress with ancient map designs, or you might choose accessories you have bought around the globe. Those wearing suits and ties might also choose those with planes or boats on and add cufflinks that are in the shape of palm trees and cocktails. 

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