7 Tips To Pick The Perfect Summer Dress

One of the most exciting things about summer is the seasonal wardrobe refresh. The bulky sweaters and snow boots go into storage, and out come the gorgeous, flowy summer dresses. Summer dresses have an innate charm about them. Not only are they an iconic style statement (think Audrey Hepburn, and you’ll immediately picture her in a summer dress), but they are the perfect choice of apparel for the hot and humid summers. 

However, while all dresses look fantastic on models and mannequins, not every dress is made for everyone. When you purchase a dress, you have to be sure it is the perfect fit, i.e., it complements your body type, matches your comfort requirements, and makes you feel great. With the racks of summer dresses being rolled around in stores right around summer, you won’t have any shortage of options. Therefore, why not pick the absolute best one?

In this article, we will share some tips on choosing the perfect summer dress for yourself. Let’s get started and find you the right dress! 

  1. Breathable Fabrics

Summer dresses come in a variety of fabrics ranging from linen to satin. While there is no one fabric you should stick to, a simple rule for picking a summer dress is to ensure that the fabric is light and airy so that you can comfortably wear it through the hot summer days. We prefer soft linen or organic cotton, which are super light and flowy fabrics that look pretty and are comfortable. Our pro tip is that the best kind of linen you can find is Italian-made. If there’s one thing Italian designers (big or small) do not compromise on, it’s quality! And you don’t need to book a trip to Rome; you can get the best Italian dresses online and order your dream summer dress!

  1. Just the Right Length

You can find summer dresses in so many different lengths. From minis that end just above the mid-thigh to floor-length skirts, summer dresses come in all sizes. However, not every size is going to complement you. There is a simple rule for picking skirt/dress lengths. If you’re short, you shouldn’t go too long with your skirts, and vice versa. The reason behind this is that your dress length can exaggerate your actual height. For instance, tall girls in shorter skirts appear taller as their legs appear elongated. If you want to be safe, a knee-length or a mid-thigh summer dress works for everyone. However, if you want to go any shorter or longer, consider whether it will flatter your height. 

  1. Flattering Cuts

We all have unique bodies, which is a thing to be celebrated. However, different cuts and styles flatter different body types. Therefore, knowing what cuts and stitches work for you is a great trick. There are a lot of factors that go into determining whether a cut complements your body type. You have to consider your height, your build, your face structure, and your body type. For instance, if you have a wide build, boat necklines may make you appear broader. From the hem style to the neckline, you must go through trial and error to figure out what works for you. 

  1. One Size Does Not Fit All – Literally 

One of the biggest reasons why certain dresses don’t seem to work on you is because you don’t have the right size. Sizing is everything, and the wrong size can make the most beautiful dress appear unflattering on you. Therefore, you have to be careful to select the correct size while picking your summer dress. Most clothing manufacturers have variations from the standard size. Even if you usually fit into a size 10 from your favorite store, you may be a size 8 at another place. That means if you purchased a size 10 summer dress from an online store, it may be a bad fit.  The trick is to not go on the size mentioned on the dress, but instead, check the size chart or try it on if you can. That way, you can be sure to have the correct size.

  1. Know Your Color Season

You may have seen a lot of talk on social media about knowing your color season. There is a science that says every person has a specific color palette that best suits them. These palettes are divided into seasons. By understanding your skin’s undertone, you can determine your color season, and let us tell you the results are shocking. The extent to which your color season affects your overall look is astounding. Complementing colors make your features pop and enhance your beauty, while colors that don’t fall within your season wash down your complexion and make you look dull. Therefore, we recommend going through the process and finding your color season before you set out on your summer dress hunt.

  1. Print, Pattern, or Solid

Another thing you need to consider when buying a summer dress, or any article of clothing, for that matter, is the print and pattern, or lack thereof. Prints and patterns have such a huge impact on how a dress can make you look. Large prints and horizontal stripes generally have a widening effect. They create an optical illusion that makes the person wearing them appear wider or larger than they are. Therefore, it is best to avoid these prints if that’s not the effect you are going for.

On the other hand, overly patterned and busy prints can make you look messy and distract from your overall look, so it’s best to avoid these in formal settings. Solids are a great option because they are relatively safer and work for every person and situation. 

  1. Durable & Long-Lasting

Fast fashion is one of the biggest plagues of the 21st century. Big corporations are churning out cheap and low-quality clothes, which the masses are rushing to buy without considering the consequences for the environment or their own wallets. While purchasing a dress at a low price may seem financially savvy, the truth is that by spending a little more money, you can get yourself a dress that will last longer and help you save money in the long term. Therefore, if you’re picking a summer dress for yourself that you want to at least wear throughout this summer and the next, pick something that is high quality and built to last. 

Final Words

There you have it, our bag of seven tricks to help you pick the most beautiful and flattering summer dress for the upcoming season. By following these tips, you will surely find a dress that will be a returning character on your Instagram Feed. Happy shopping!

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