DIY: Christmas Snowman Earrings and Necklace

For the holiday season I have created this set of jewelry which includes a pair of earrings and necklace. The pendants remind me of snowmen and I think they are very cute to wear during Christmas.

Follow this easy photo tutorial to learn how to create yours.

The material you need to make the earrings are the ones below. I have used wire of 1mm width, 2 sets of faux pearls, 2 crystal beads and silver hooks. For the snowman’s scarf I used this bead decorated with crystals, but you can replace it with some wire with small beads. To attach the hooks to the earrings, you can either make round links from wire (or buy ready ones) but you can just hang the hooks straight to the wire of the pendant.

First, put all the beads through the wire, bend the edge to close the bottom of the pendant, then cut the other side of wire at the top of the pendant. I would suggest that you make both earrings simultaneously so that you measure the wires equally.

With the use of a pair of pliers make round ends where you are going to attach either the hooks or first the links and then the hooks.

Your pair of earrings is ready!

Similarly, you follow the same steps to make the necklace pendant. The only difference is that instead of a hook you are going to need a wire or a cord with a clasp or a chain necklace you already have. I have used tiger wire which I sealed at the edges with stop beads.

I think red is the best choice for Christmas but you can try different shades too, l also used petrol which is a very popular choice.

In the same way I have also made another design of Christmas earrings.

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