7 Makeup Essentials for College Girls

With the many types and brands of makeup, you can get spoiled for choices, especially if you have scanty knowledge about makeup. Adding your makeup collection can be exciting, but only if you know exactly what you need. Whether you like the minimalist or full makeup appearance, certain basic types of makeup should not miss in your kit. One can tell your personality just by looking at your face; thus, you can use makeup to communicate who you really are. For a bold look, you can use bold eyeshadow and lipstick to showcase your confidence. Starting your makeup journey or trying to upgrade your kit should not be a struggle because we’ve prepared a list of must-have products.

Face Primer 

Face primer is a key item to include in your makeup kit, especially if you don’t intend to touch up your makeup in the course of the day. A face primer blurs pores, thus reducing oil production. It also gives the skin a smooth texture before applying makeup, guaranteeing an even application. Different brands have face primers for all types of skin; you will only have to identify your skin type and find a suitable match. Even though you may be on a budget because you need to sort other expenses such as buying books, paying for papers at EssayUSA writing service, and entertainment, it is still essential that you find a face primer from a reputable brand so that it does not tamper with your skin. 


Foundation is a basic makeup item that most people understand they should have; however, the problem arises when you need to select one that matches your skin tone. Getting a flawless look from a foundation is also not as easy as we often think since one has to watch out for the coverage. A natural look requires modest coverage, while a full-on look requires a good balance. If you are still learning more about makeup and conflicted about what to get, ask your friends with a similar tone to you what they use. You can also request samples to test whether they blend with your skin. Before identifying a suitable foundation shade, it’s best to buy it from a walk-in store, not online, since shopping physically gives a chance to try it out. 


Concealer plays a wide range of roles, from contouring to eyebrow shaping and hiding any marks on the face. If you are struggling with acne, you can conceal it with this product. Even when you have not slept enough and still have to attend early morning classes, you can use concealer to hide your eye bags. When choosing a concealer for dark marks or acne, ensure the shade is close to your foundation’s for perfect blending. The diverse use of this product makes it a must have for any makeup enthusiast. 


Since we are still in the Barbie era, a pink blush can give you that Barbie glow. Blush is a touch-up type of makeup that can make a major difference in your appearance. Blush, including light foundation and face powder, is essential for a more natural beauty. It will also give a facelift you never knew you needed. Blush comes in various forms, including powder, gel, and cream; thus, you should select which type suits you. It’s similar to when you want to pay for essay – you should pick an essay service that will customize the paper to your needs. 

You only apply blush lightly to get the perfect look. A pink blush will be suitable if you have a lighter skin tone, while those with a darker skin tone can get maroon or purple shades. The facelift you will get from blush is because it highlights your cheekbones, making them more noticeable even when you smile. You can use concealer to contour your face before applying the blush to get a more natural look. 


Like other types of makeup, highlighters are presented in a wide range of forms, both solid and liquid. If you are starting your makeup journey, it’s best to use the powdered one. Highlighters are applied in specific places, such as the nose and cheekbones, to accentuate one’s appearance. They can also be used as eyeshadow; therefore, you may not need an eyeshadow palette, especially if you want to cut down on cost. The formula you use for your foundation is the one you will also apply when finding a highlighter that matches your skin tone. 

Setting Spray 

Your makeup kit cannot be complete without a setting spray. A setting spray is the final touch of your makeup application process, and it is mainly used to keep your makeup in place for the rest of the day. If you are attending an event or going to have a long day with your makeup on, a setting spray will help you maintain the same look throughout the day. Setting sprays come in various forms; choose one that protects your skin. These sprays are also essential in moisturizing your skin regardless of how many layers of makeup you have. 

Eye Shadow 

Every college girl needs a palette eyeshadow. It’s simple and comes in many colors and finishes. Eye shadow allows you to go for a subtle or crazy makeup look. You can opt for a Smokey eye or a rainbow look. Whichever look suits your mood, an eyeshadow will help you exhibit it. When adding makeup products to your collection, do not forget to add an eyeshadow palette, either one with many colors or a single color. 

Signing Off

Makeup helps you accentuate your look on any day. Fortunately, there is everything for everyone, whether you prefer a minimalist look or a bold appearance. Makeup items also come in various brands; thus, you can choose a brand you like and one that meets your budget. Noteworthy, whether you want a foundation or face powder, you have to consider your skin tone or any other conditions you may have. Lastly, don’t be in a hurry to increase your makeup collection; take your time with different products that suit your style and skin, and learn what you like and what you don’t.

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