10 of the Best Interior Designers to Follow on Instagram

Long before the Internet, we only got a glimpse of the most beautiful houses by scanning through the pages of the magazine. Lucky for us today, top notch interior designers have already started using Instagram to showcase their works and the entire design process.

We’ve been following the country’s top interior designers for quite a long time now. If you haven’t discovered them yet, it’s time to check on their feed now! Prepare to be amazed by their out-of-the-box and inventive designs.

1. Amber Lewis, @amberinteriors

Based in Los Angeles, Amber Lewis is known for her unique patterns. She even runs an online shop, where you can buy vibrant rugs, pillows, and other home accessories. Her style is inspired by the Moroccan flea market with a combination of road vibe and tons of bright hues.

2. Susan and William Brinson, @houseofbrinson

Husband and wife Susan and William Brinson are behind the beautiful works showcased on the Instagram account @houseofbrinson. Here, you can see how they work as a team to renovate their home at Stonyford Estate and some other creative projects they were assigned to. With the addition of their two adorable pooches, Sugar and Nero, their photos become more IG-worthy.

3. Benjamin Vandiver, @benjaminvandiver

Benjamin Vandiver is a Nashville-based interior designer, who is known for creating spaces that are chic and classy. His style is more on the classic with a touch of vintage yet modern take. Benjamin’s designs are often compared to ice cream. They taste so good that it’s hard to choose a favorite.

4. Justina Blakeney, @justinablakeney

Have you ever heard of the term “jungalow”? If not, then it’s time to check out Justina Blakeney’s IG feed. This interior designer has mastered this boho-like design approach that incorporates the use of contrasting patterns and textures with lots of plants and natural materials. On her Instagram account, she features #FaceTheFoliage, the portraits she creates using leaves and flowers.

5. Orlando Soria, @mrorlandosoria

Out on the vast Internet realm, a hilarious interior design blogger exists. One is Orlando Soria. Follow his Instagram feed to witness his quirky design adventures, redecorating spaces with vintage pieces and drool-worthy finds.

6. Kelly Wearstler, @kellywearstler

Dubbed as the queen of bold interior design, Kelly Wearstler is the master of turning ‘70s designs into something totally chic and fresh. She usually mixes various graphic patterns to create stunning works. The vintage furniture she uses are the stuff that everyone dreams of having. Find stunning design inspirations from her feed.

7. Kristen Grove, @simplygrove

An interior designing mother based in Idaho, Kristen Grove fills her Instagram feed with a gorgeous assortment of places and spaces that have minimalist yet quirky styles. Her design projects have this timeless feel that is completely accessible.  

8. Brian Patrick Flynn, @bpatrickflynn

One of the most popular guy interior designers, Brian Patrick Flynn combines dark and moody colors in his creations. If you ever got the chance to check out his feed, he usually features his mountain house in Georgia and his home in Atlanta.  

9. Jenny Komenda, @jennykomenda

Arizona-based interior designer Jenny Komenda is known for her supreme DIY skills. She renovates homes with her DIY projects. She usually scavenges thrift stores to come up with unique DIY-filled spaces.

10. Peter Marino, @petermarinoarchitect

An American architect, Peter Marino is one of the country’s top interior designers. His design contributions in the field of cultural, residential, commercial, and retail architecture have helped redefine and shape modern luxury as a whole. He emphasizes scale, texture, and materials in all his works.

For this generation of genius interior designers, Instagram is not just an outlet for creativity. It’s also a way to entice potential clients.

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