5 Ways To Keep Your Distance Friendship Alive

During the past years most probably you had to stay away from a loved one for a while due to pandemic restrictions. But there are also cases where you have to leave someone for many months or even years. Usually the reason is moving to another place due to studies or work. So let’s see how we can keep the relationship with our friend alive even when we don’t see each other. They say that eyes that are not seen, are quickly forgotten, but nowadays there are no such excuses.

I decided to write this article as I realized that some of my loved ones may be far away, but they are the ones who will get my message first when I have to let them know about something silly, like my new haircut, or something more important, like the addition of a new pet in our family!

So what should we do to keep contact and not feel like strangers the next time we meet?

Online communication

Even if your girlfriend or you are not a fan of social media, there will be some way to contact easily online. Especially if you are in different countries and telephone communication is difficult. You don’t need to have Facebook to learn each other’s news. Certainly seeing someone’s frequent posts reduces the distance, but even via email you can keep in touch. You can only use one application if there is no other way to communicate. A whatsapp or messenger account can be your communication bridge.

Don’t change towards her

That you can’t meet in person doesn’t mean that your attitude should change the way you talked to each other or the spontaneity you had when you lived close by. Would you send her a message only at specific times or days before you split up? If you have the intimacy to send her a message whenever you feel the need, do it. But be careful! If she has another schedule now or if she lives with someone else whom you could be bothering or if where she lives they have another time zone, then think about from her side and make sure you don’t cause any trouble to her at work or in her personal life.

Don’t wait for a special reason to communicate

Before the distance between you, it might have been possible to meet often or see each other every day. Of course, your daily life will have changed and daily communication won’t be possible. But don’t just wait for holidays and birthdays to communicate. She is your girlfriend and not your accountant. It doesn’t have to be a special occasion to communicate. Send her a photo of a new outfit you bought or tell her the latest gossip in town. What, you don’t gossip? Me neither!

Make her feel nice

Make your girlfriend feel nice or, to put it more correctly, don’t make her feel bad. Phrases like ‘Come back’, ‘I miss you, why did you leave me?’ And ‘I hope you don’t like your new girlfriends better than me’ must be avoided. On the contrary, show your joy that she has made new acquaintances. You don’t want your bestie to have a good time only when she is with you. True friends want to see their friends happy even if they aren’t around to participate in their joy.

Keep your common interests

To be such good friends you probably also have common interests. If you are both involved in the same sport, just because you’ve been close does not mean you’re not talking about it anymore. Or if you used to watch movies together, suggest a movie that you saw and think she will like. Or surprise her by sending her a book you think she would like to read.

Do not worry! Of course there will be times when you may feel lonely and miss your girlfriend, but nowadays there are ways to keep in touch until the next time you meet.

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