My Cinderella shoes

This is a post I wrote before my wedding, but didn’t have the chance to publish. So, I have left the original text.

You know that I’m preparing for my religious wedding, so some day me and my sister went to a shop to look for the appropriate shoes.
I am a very easy person, I usually go to only one store and I find something nice to buy.

As the whole event is going to be very simple, I wanted my shoes to be simple too. I tried on two pairs and I decided which one I would take very easily, but there was this pair which stared at me from the beginning and I couldn’t resist because they are my dream shoes.

I explained to the saleswoman that maybe I sound crazy, but I changed my mind and I’m going to buy these fantastic shoes. She hadn’t realised at first that I was looking for shoes for my wedding, so when I told her she completely agreed that these are THE shoes.

I’m not sure if these shoes match my dress and maybe nobody even sees them, but I will be happy to know I’m wearing them.

I only hope I won’t fall. (I didn’t!)
Wish me luck!

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