Hanging decorative ornaments Part 3

If you enjoyed Hanging decorative ornaments for your baby’s bedroom and Hanging decorative ornaments Part 2  here you can see some more ideas to decorate your child’s bedroom by creating hanging figures made with plaster.
For a pink girl’s bedroom these hearts will look very nice. I made them without a mold and I also decorated the fishing line with acrylic heart-shaped beads.

These circles were made with air-hardening plaster by making the biggest ones first and then put different round objects to cut out the rest of them. I like this pearl light green colour which gives a shimmering tone. I have hung  them next to the window, so when it’s windy they move and make a wooden sound.


In this picture you can see butterflies like I have shown before but this time instead of fishing line I have used 

twine. At the bottom there is a little basket.

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