Makeup based on hair-eyes colour-Part 1

I strongly believe that each person is unique and you can’t give a specific piece of advice to everybody. Nevertheless, here are some thoughts about what makeup looks good on different types of women according to their hair and eyes colour as I realised in practice.

If you have green eyes, red is a suitable colour for your hair. Peach tones will look good on your skin, coral colour on your lips and lilac eyeshadow will make your eyes look greener.
If you have red hair but brown eyes, green eyeshadow is a good choice.

A blonde woman with green eyes should choose pink tones for her complexion. You can highlight the colour of your eyes with shades of brown. Light colours will look nice on your lips.

For a woman with brown hair and eyes and a light complexion, use shades of brown on your lips and if you want to create some contrast you can apply turquoise eyeshadow.

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