DIY: Mirrors with dried flowers

mirror with heart-shaped dried flowers

A few years ago I was sitting on my mum’s balcony looking for a kind of flowers which could be used to make small mirrors to decorate my pink bedroom. I came across some beautiful beige flowers which were
exactly what I needed as they didn’t have any thick parts and  it was easy to dry them.

So last week I found the mirrors that I had created and I thought it would be a good idea to share them with you. Actually, I picked out the ones which have been less destroyed because they had been left in a pile among other things exposed to humidity.

To make these mirrors I went to the glazier of my neighbourhood and asked him to cut for me square glasses and mirrors (20cm). I had already put the flowers I mentioned before inside an old encyclopedia for a few days to dry. When they were ready I put them on the mirrors in different shapes, I put glue on the mirrors and I placed the transparent glasses over them. To help them stick together I used heavy objects, mainly books, for some hours.

mirror with dried flowers

When I was sure that they had stuck, I decorated them with pink lace or even with wooden sticks which are usually sold at the supermarket to put meat through. The sticks had sharp edges which I cut with a knife. At their back I stuck metal support for hanging (a little risky if the mirrors are heavy).

Looking at the pictures you may wonder why the mirrors look dirty. This is because over the years they have gathered dust through the gaps between the mirror and the glass. So if you try to do something like that maybe you shouldn’t leave any space between the two glasses.

one of my old mirrors
I was surprised to find out that there are even more leaves left among the pages of some old newspapers which is a little tempting to make me start creating something new. It is sad, though, that many beautiful things have been destroyed, especially some frames decorated with beads or even pulses, like beans and lentils.
mirror with pink decoration
This is another mirror which survived decorated with pink lace and a butterfly.


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