Are you ready for a Halloween contest? All you have to do is send as many photos as you like to beautyandthemist@gmail.com related to Halloween. The photos must be yours and not copied from the internet. If somebody else shows in the photo, you should have their permission. The photos can be about makeup, nails, costume, crafts, anything related to Halloween.

Everybody can take part as long as you follow https://www.beautyandthemist.com/ either as a follower on Google Friend Connect or as a fan on Facebook.
When you send in your photos, mention the way you follow. (You can also comment below informing about your entry to make sure I have received your email)

Send your photos until 15th October 2012. Each photo sent will be immediately published on Beauty and the Mist with your name next to it. If you are a blogger, mention your blog’s name, so that I can add it too. You can even mention about the contest on your blog.

Voting starts on 16th October and ends on 30th October and is open to everyone. You will be able to choose multiple photos and you can change your vote whenever you want. The poll will be on the right sidebar of the blog.

The photo with the most votes wins and the winner gets these 2 necklaces. In case two or more photos have equal votes, one winner will be selected randomly.

I’m looking forward to your photos! Thank you for participating!
Trick or treat?


The contestants:

photo 1 – Chris Ed http://chris-ed.blogspot.de/


photo 2 – Chris Ed http://chris-ed.blogspot.de/


photo 3 – Chris Ed http://chris-ed.blogspot.de/


photo 4 – Chris Ed http://chris-ed.blogspot.de/


photo 5- Chris Ed http://chris-ed.blogspot.de/


photo 6 – Chris Ed http://chris-ed.blogspot.de/
photo 7 – Chris Ed http://chris-ed.blogspot.de/


photo 8 – Chris Ed http://chris-ed.blogspot.de/
photo 9 – Chris Ed http://chris-ed.blogspot.de/








photo 10 – Chris Ed http://chris-ed.blogspot.de/



photo 11 – Puja Malhotra http://cutenailstudio.blogspot.gr/
photo 12 – Puja Malhotra http://cutenailstudio.blogspot.gr/
photo 13 – Delfinaki http://delfinaki-sunset.blogspot.gr/



photo 14 – Dwra Rd http://dwrasbeautytips.blogspot.gr/
photo 15 – Dwra Rd http://dwrasbeautytips.blogspot.gr/


photo 16 – Jennifer Peterson http://www.runningthisthingcalledlife.com/


photo 17 – Puja Malhotra http://cutenailstudio.blogspot.gr/


photo 18 – Puja Malhotra http://cutenailstudio.blogspot.gr/
photo 19 – Niesha http://www.indianbeautyforever.com/


photo 20 – Niesha http://www.indianbeautyforever.com/


photo 21 – Nikki http://nailtalez.blogspot.gr/


photo 22 – Nikki http://nailtalez.blogspot.gr/


photo 23 – Nikki http://nailtalez.blogspot.gr/


photo 24 – Nikki http://nailtalez.blogspot.gr/
photo 25 – Nikki http://nailtalez.blogspot.gr/
photo 26 – Nikki http://nailtalez.blogspot.gr/
photo 27 -Calita Hin  http://calitahin.blogspot.gr/
photo 28 – Shilpa Gandotra http://ourexternalworld.blogspot.in/


photo 29 – Shilpa Gandotra http://ourexternalworld.blogspot.in/


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