Diary of Bliss : Week 7

If you follow me on Facebook and Google plus, you already know that last week I had the chance to meet Tammy from http://www.edgymix.com/ who lives in New York. It’s the first time I have ever met someone from the internet, but we ensured each other that we aren’t dangerous!







First of all, we went to the Acropolis and the nearby places. I hadn’t been there since I was very young. It was nice, but I think the entrance fee is very expensive. If you haven’t visited the place, take a look at the photos.




Tammy is a very interesting person and she has so many things to share as she has travelled all over the world. I felt like I was with a friend I’ve known for many years. The truth is I couldn’t give her any information about the city centre, I hadn’t been there for a long time. I suppose she was surprised that Athens wasn’t the ideal Greek scenery, but I’m sure she saw the traditional white houses with blue windows on the islands.

Afterwards, we went to my house where she met my parents and son. We also met my husband,  but on a working day it was impossible for him to join us. So we continued our day out by the sea, but this time I had to take the baby with me. We went to Alimos where it is always so crowded and there are people swimming there even in winter, but that evening the place was empty. There were only two people fishing and the nearby popular cafe was so quiet. What happened? Don’t people go out on a weekday in October? I felt bad that we didn’t see anything special there and I couldn’t take her anywhere else as we had the baby with us and when my food supplies finished he started shouting!

We walked around Plaka where there are many souvenir shops

I’m glad I met her. She’s a very sweet girl. I wish her great adventures during her trips and I hope we meet again some day.

We couldn’t get any good photos of ourselves. We asked a lady in a souvenir shop, but she almost took a photo of her own face first!

Hey, Tammy! Do you remember the souvlaki I told you about? This is it here!

So, this was the highlight of my week! I had other good moments too, but this post is already long!

This was one more Diary of Bliss, a weekly challenge started by Katerina from http://positive-thinking-greece.blogspot.gr/ where we have to write about happy moments during the week.

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