Halloween contest:Blogger stopped the poll-Winner results

Do you remember the Halloween contest running on my blog. It isn’t running anymore! Unfortunately, I just discovered blogger decided to stop the poll a few days earlier. If any blogger has ever used a poll on their blog, you should know that when the poll starts and even just one person has voted you can’t make any changes. Even if you want to change a letter, this is impossible. So, blogger suddenly decided to stop the poll today. The only fair solution I can think of is to accept the result with the winner up to now.
This is photo number 15 that Dwra sent, this photo was first since the first day of the poll. 

Blogger has had many problems lately and I have been thinking whether I should continue using it. Actions like this put the integrity of Beauty and the Mist in risk.

Thank you all for taking part in it, you all deserve the Halloween award.

Dwra, congratulations! I will contact you as soon as possible to arrange about sending your gifts.


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