Pregnancy matters:Suitcase for the maternity hospital

You know that last Summer I gave birth, so there hasn’t been much time since my pregnancy. There are many things we don’t know if we haven’t experienced them before, so I thought I should share some thoughts with you. In this post I would like to focus on the things you should have with you when you go to the maternity hospital.
Of course I can’t speak as a specialist, but simply as a person who has been through this process.

I started packing for the hospital since the 7th month, while everybody told me it was too soon. I just wanted to make sure I would be prepared in case of an emergency.

Every time I remembered something new, I added it to the bag.

To be honest, I had packed more things than I really used in the end. I had also taken a beauty case because I wanted to look pretty, but I didn’t even have the time to open it.

Every woman is different with different needs, pregnancy and health conditions. So, I’m just an example, but not the rule.

This is what I took with me and what I used in the end:

What I didn’t need
What was useful to me
It depends

-4 night dresses Yes

-2 robes Yes
-2 pairs of flip flops (it was Summer) I was given a pair of slippers
-towels I was given clean towels every day
-two outfits for the departure day At the end I had a c-section, so the clothes I had chosen were inconvenient
-underwear I was given disposable briefs
-3 bras for breast feeding No
-breast pads No
-cosmetics No
-toilet plastic covers Yes Yes Yes!!!
-mobile phone and charger Yes
-iron/calcium supplements Ask your doctor
-shampoo/body wash/razor I was given a baby soap, but you should have with you anything you use on a daily basis

For the baby:

-underwear (bodysuit) Yes
-clothes for the departure day (the hospital provided clothes during our stay) It was too hot!
-blanket It depends on the season
-car seat Make sure it is the right seat for this age


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