Poll results:Your dream holidays and a new poll with celebrities

For most of us Summer is over. So, it’s a good moment to announce the results from my poll where you had to choose the type of holidays that would be ideal for you. I wasn’t surprised to find out that the majority chose a tropical island, but I couldn’t believe that nobody wants to stay in a cabin in the snow.

tropical island 77%
cruise 33%
stay at home 11%
safari 5%
camping 5%
cabin in the snow 0%

I hope I will soon show photos from my Summer holidays.

From today a new poll starts at the right sidebar of my blog and you are asked to choose the celebrity with the best hairstyle. Vote for the one you prefer and I’m always happy to read your comments below. Sometimes you leave your comment, but you forget to vote in the poll.

Which celebrity has the best hairstyle:
Jennifer Aniston


Kim Kardashian

Demi Moore

Katy Perry

Jessica Alba

Keira Knightley

Cheryl Cole

Alyssa Milano

Angelina Jolie

Victoria Beckham

If there is another celebrity whose hairstyle you admire feel free to share with us.

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