A day at the zoo

It all started late in the evening. My husband declared ‘Tomorrow we’re going to the zoo’ and he wouldn’t accept a negative response. So, the next morning we put on our safari outfits, took some sandwiches with us and set off.

It was my third time there, but the first one with my kid. The second time I was pregnant, but I didn’t know it yet.
It was a hot day and most of the animals were sleeping, but I managed to take a lot of photos. I will only show a few because they’re so many and don’t ask me to label the animals because I have to admit I don’t know most of their names.

The section with the birds isn’t really my favourite, but some birds were so big they really caught my eye as I was afraid they were going to attack us and take our snack.

I really like the monkeys. This time they were very quiet, but the first time I saw them they were so playful and funny. They seem to be so clever. 

All over the place there are signs that you mustn’t feed the animals, but I always see people who try to give them a banana or biscuits. I can’t understand why they keep on doing it.

I wasn’t that brave to go next to the lion, but a glass wall let you feel you’re very close.
And of course we enjoyed a ride with this old jeep which gets you in an adventurous mood.

I am so glad I wasn’t really driving in the jungle! I’m not so daring.

We also visited the room with the reptiles. It looked like a greenhouse. I wouldn’t mind if we had skipped that place, I’m so afraid of them. I can’t say the same for my son. He kept trying to open their cages. Oh my God! I hope he doesn’t bring home any snakes or lizards when he grows up.

I found this spot where you can admire the spectacular view. If you live there, it must be like living in the jungle or the dessert maybe.

We didn’t miss the chance to play at the playground.

That day we didn’t see the show at the aquarium with the dolphins that we had seen two years ago. We only saw two sea lions which were playing in the pool. 
The next photo is from our previous visit there.

I hope you enjoyed our excursion.
I look forward to going back again!

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