Wearing false eyelashes for the first time

Believe it or not I had never tried to put on falsies until now. The only experience I had was when another girl did my make up for a video and she put false eyelashes on me. The only time it had crossed my mind to give it a try was in Summer for my religious wedding, but my limited time didn’t allow me to experiment and definitely I wouldn’t
dare to do it on the big day without having tried it before. The other time that I put them on for the video I had a tingling feeling so this made me even more worried.
But seeing make up photos with eyelashes on I could realise that they make a big difference.
The first time that I went to buy a pair I left the store empty handed because I didn’t know what style to choose.
But when I saw Oriflame’s catalogue some time ago at a friend’s house I ordered a pair of dramatic eyelashes without thinking it twice.
Are you curious to find out how it went?
I guess I was lucky because it only took me one second.

I followed the instructions on the packaging:
“Apply adhesive carefully along the false lash band, wait 30 seconds and apply lashes along the natural lash line”.

This is what I did, I applied the glue on the lash, I took a photo of it and I applied it with my fingertips starting from the outer corner.

before lashes
with lashes on
Here you can see the difference before and after the lashes.
I applied eyeliner and mascara again after I had applied the lashes.





 To remove them I read the following instructions:
Gently peel off lash strip, starting at the outer corner. Remove excess adhesive and place back in carton for future use.
BUT as I had applied mascara on them I couldn’t just place them back. I cleaned them with cleansing milk with my fingers and then I washed them with water. I was afraid that I might destroy them this way, but that was my lucky day as they looked exactly the way they did before using them and I put them back in the box.
The people who saw me that day complimented on my make up, but I’m sure it was all about the lashes.
I hope I don’t get addicted to them!


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