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I always use the same place to blog. I have my own space in the living room, it’s the right place as I’m always close to my son and I even check my emails when I have visitors! My desk is at the centre of a bookcase and my laptop is on many hours during the day. I try to keep my desk tidy as much as possible, but my laptop’s screen is so dirty that when I see my blog on somebody else’s
computer I see it different and I say ‘Oh, it’s nice!’.

I don’t have a schedule, but there are certain times that are more convenient for blogging. I used to do everything when I put the baby in bed in the afternoon or late at night. That meant that I had to be on the computer until 2a.m. or even later every night.
The truth is that most of this time I used to answer my emails and check my blogger friends’ posts instead of writing new posts for my blog.

Lately this routine has changed. My blogger friends must have noticed that I don’t visit their blogs as often as I used and I don’t like this at all. But for health reasons I’m having a rest and I try to lie down when my baby sleeps too. I also started going to bed before midnight, unbelievable! Of course I still try to find ways to blog. When my son watches videos on YouTube I separate the screen and I blog at the same time, but I don’t allow myself to do that for hours, then I would be a bad mum. The funny thing is that many times I write with one hand and feed him his fruit with the other one.

There are so many things I want to write about, so I use post-its to write down my ideas. Nevertheless, I always think of something new and there is always something left back.
Sometimes I take photos that I may use in a future post.

Of course you don’t expect me to have a schedule on how often I publish new posts. Some things need to be shown at certain moments, for example Christmas DIYs can’t be published after Christmas period. But I don’t feel like I have to follow a specific blogging schedule for the week or the month.

I like to have a variety of subjects. I make beauty posts, DIY projects, more personal posts, but I prefer to take turns and every day to have a different subject.

Something new that I have been thinking to start is guest posts. I have received several requests from other bloggers to write on my blog, but until now my answer was negative. In the future you may  see posts by others.

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