How I cleaned my jewellery

Looking at some siver jewellery I had made myself, I was sad to discover that some of them had lost their shine and had become dark. I remember seeing my mum when I was little cleaning her silverware with baking soda or something like that, but before I ask her I remembered I had heard about another way to clean silver,
that was toothpaste.



Of course it sounded silly and I couldn’t believe that would work, but I thought it would be easy to try it and see for myself. I was so happy to see that in a less than a minute the silver parts I rubbed with the toothpaste were bright and clean again!

Then something else crossed my mind, to try the same trick with some other jewellery which aren’t silver, but had a dark shade anyway. I risked to damage them, but I was lucky to discover it also works with non-silver objects.
So, if toothpaste really works, why can’t I see miracles on my teeth?




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