Claire’s cosmetics natural eye book

I have recently bought this palette from Claire’s cosmetics which contains products and directions for a natural eye look. I didn’t really buy it myself. I received a gift from a friend and when I went to return it as I had something similar this is what I chose. I also bought some accessories.
I hadn’t heard of the brand before and I didn’t know if the products would be good, but the packaging was so cute that I couldn’t resist.
The first day I got it I decided to use the eyeshadows to attend a wedding. I thought it was wise not to use the eye pencil or mascara that day as I didn’t know if they would be stable or they would smudge my make up.

I used the three eyeshadows on the left to create a natural bronze look. I was satisfied both with the application and the duration of the colour. 

I have to admit though that the next day I tried the one at the bottom of the middle column which contains glitter and I felt it a little dry.
That day I also used the black eye pencil and the mascara. I think I have used worse products which have cost me more.

Looking at their UK site on the Internet I realised that palettes with three times the amount of products of my palette were cheaper there. Nevertheless, I couldn’t say that my palette was expensive at 16.50euros.

Have you tried this brand?
Do you like that you can have all your eye products together with a mirror and instructions?

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