Thank you Kim! And another blogger friendship

When you are pregnant you spend your time dreaming of what your baby is going to look like, you hope he/she is fine and you can’t wait to hold your kid in your arms. I remember during my first pregnancy how I looked at my son’s clothes and wondered how it would be when he is born. I loved to wash his new clothes and then smell this sweet baby soap odour that made me feel closer to a dream come true.

Recently I started having all these feelings again. I received a gift for my unborn baby by my blogger friend Kim. It was such a sweet gesture and I would like to thank her very much!
It is unbelievable how close I have come with people I have never met. 

I’ll think of something to surprise her too!


This gives me the chance to refer to another blogger friend I have talked about before. Do you remember telling you about a blogger I really liked and starting talking with her on the Internet a lot and then realised she was someone I had seen many times before, but we had never talked to each other?
Now it was time to meet again and this time it was like a blind date that we both knew each other, but we had never spoken before.
I was so happy to meet Dimitra and talk with her about our blogs and our lives. I felt like I had known her for years. 

I hope we meet again someday! I’m sure we will!

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