Two years of love and tiredness

When you fall in love with a boy, it usually happens when you don’t expect it. You can’t believe that one person can change the way you think, the way you feel, the way you love.
You really know when it’s love at first sight. You look in his eyes and you know you don’t want to be with anyone else, you don’t need anything else. Looking into his eyes is enough.

Then, there are moments you want to have a break from him, you need to be alone, you are angry at him, you feel he doesn’t treat you well. But when he’s not around you can’t stop thinking of him, you want him to be back soon, you want him to be only with you, to be only yours.

And when he’s back you have forgotten everything bad, you want to hug him, to tell him how much you love him.

I can’t believe he has been in my life for two years. I can’t believe I used to have a life without him.

These two years have been the most tiring of my whole life, but I wouldn’t change them for anything in the world.

My boy will be a big brother soon, but he’s still my baby.
There are times I feel I don’t own my life anymore. He has changed my daily routine, my appearance, my habits, my concerns. Even to leave the house for an hour without him is difficult, he controls everything. But when I feel his arms around me, there is no better feeling I could ask for.

Happy Birthday my little guy, my little monster, my little angel! 

Lately he’s crazy about buses, so my sister decided to make a birthday cake with a bus. And most of his gifts were buses too!

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