Introducing Mart of China

Yes! Autumn is officially here! Although I love Summer clothes I can’t stand hot weather, so I’m very happy that days are becoming colder. And as I have recently given birth I can’t wait to wear my regular size again (I haven’t had the chance to write a post about the baby and my new life yet). Of course I haven’t lost all the extra weight yet and I need clothes I feel comfortable in. In addition, holding the baby for so many hours in my arms I want to wear clothes which are convenient.

These are some of my picks from MartofChina E-commerce Co.Ltd. Martofchina is a reliable online shopping mall,Which is located in Shanghai, China. Providing a wide range of high quality trendy fashion wholesale clothing and cheap shoes online at a factory price and the best service to customers all over the world..

What I would choose right now is mainly hoodies and leggings.

On the site except for cheap clothes you can also find jewelry, accessories, lingerie and shoes. Here you can see some of the boots I like. Am I close to your taste?

If you visit the site, you’ll be surprised with the prices. So, don’t forget to have a look around and tell me what you think.
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