26 September!!!

Last year I wrote a post about 26 September and explained that it was a special date for me as it is one of my nieces’ birthday, but it’s also our anniversary with my husband. No, I’m not going to write again about the same things, now I have a new reason to celebrate on that day! It is the day that my new baby was born!

It took me a while to write about it and be officially back (as much as it’s possible), but having a new baby is such a hard work.

The first days in hospital were awful. I hate hospitals even if I am there for a good reason. I didn’t feel well physically, I had to be apart from my other boy and I didn’t have my privacy. 

But I knew that it wouldn’t be easier even when I would go back home. Babies are so cute, but it’s such a hard work to be a parent.
So, now I have a new life with my two boys and no words can describe my daily routine. I am happy if I manage to get 4-5 hours of sleep per day, I have no time for me, I run like crazy, but at the end of the day I feel happy and blessed to have my boys! I can’t hide that some moments I feel like everything is so difficult.

And what about blogging? Most times I am on the computer while I’m holding the baby, so I combine feeding and typing. There are times I visit a friend’s blog, it looks like I’m carefree and happy, but minutes later I discover that one of the kids is sick or something bad happens to me like last week that I fell inside the house and that scared me so much as I had just started feeling well after my already slow recovery.

Now let’s go back to the baby. You are going to wonder who he takes after. Well, for the time being he doesn’t resemble any of us. It’s still very soon, but he is different from us. Good news is he seems to be less naughty than his brother!

That’s all for now! I’ll be back with new posts, although I haven’t lost the extra weight and I don’t feel very comfortable to show make up or other photos of me. But it’s a challenge to try to become like I used to be.

My children are my priority, but it’s also important for me to feel good about myself. Keeping the house neat and tidy is something else that worried me, but after the second week I have managed to have everything under control, so I deserve to devote some time to myself now! I really need to put some make up on!

My blogger friend Dimitra sent gifts to my kids!
Thank you very much Dimitra!
Happy nameday to us next Saturday!
P.S.The shoes at the top are one of my brother’s gifts to his nephew.

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