My gifts from Glossy Lala and DT make up girl Giveaways and two surprises

After a short break from winning, I’m back with new gifts!
I’ll present the gifts I won from two giveaways and two surprises from blogger friends.
A day during Summer I took a look at my spam emails and discovered that I was the winner of Glossy Lala‘s giveaway. I have no idea how the email ended up there, but I was lucky to see it!
My gift was a set of four nail polishes. I haven’t tried them yet because I didn’t want to dye my nails during pregnancy, so I’ll have another post about them in the future where you’ll be able to see them on my nails. Three of them had the same colour, so I gave one of them to my niece and another one to a friend.
They are vegan nail paints by Sparitual and their names are Indigo creme and Flashback.
Thank you very much Laura!

Then September started so great as I was informed I had won DT Make Up Girl‘s giveaway. I was so excited as I really wanted to win this set of essence products!
Today I’ll only make a very quick presentation of the gifts and I’ll be back with a review of them as it was also one of the rules of the giveaway.
First of all, when I opened my parcel I found out that Olia had wrapped each item seperately and it was like I was opening my Christmas gifts! 

I was so happy, but also surprised that there was also a gift for my unborn baby and a sweet letter. I really didn’t expect that as I had never spoken with Olia before and it was such a kind gesture!
Thank you so much Olia! 
I’ll try all the products and I’ll give you details about them both on my blog and Olia’s blog.

Look at my baby’s slippers!
Like all these gifts weren’t enough, I also received another parcel I really didn’t expect. My friend Adeola had a sweet surprise for me. She sent me a box full of items she had collected for me as a gift for giving birth.

Thank you very much Adeola for your kind gesture!
Good luck with your new start in Germany!

I would like to thank all the girls for the beautiful gifts and remind you that I aslo have a gift for all of you.

You can be lucky too and win my Giveaway I have started here.
It’s very easy to enter as you can follow only one step of the rafflecopter widget.
Good luck!

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