Beauty Tips To Follow On The Run Up To Your Wedding Day

It is important on the run up to your wedding day that you get yourself prepared and give yourself time to follow a beauty regime. Your wedding day is the day you should feel most beautiful and great in your dress and in your skin, so by following these simple steps in the run up to your wedding, you can feel unapologetically gorgeous for your newlywed other half.

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6 months to go
Drink plenty of water – Water is great for your skin, hydrating it and keeping it clear and healthy. Try to drink around 8 glasses of water a day, as this is the recommended daily amount. It may sound like a lot, however, spreading this hydration process over a period of 12 hours isn’t as overwhelming as it sounds. Just make sure whenever you’d normally have a drink, with dinner or when you feel thirsty, replace your usual drink for a glass of water. It may seem dull at first but you will get used to the regime you won’t regret it when you have great glowing skin on your wedding day.
Find the perfect skincare regime –  The 6 month period before your wedding day gives you plenty of time to find a new and improved skincare regime, and allows you to experiment with new things without fear of coming out in blemishes on the morning of your wedding. Find out which product works best for your skin and stick to them, making sure you keep your skin nice and healthy for a fresh looking face on your special day.
3 Months to go
Plan ahead – Keep well organised and find a makeup artist you love and are sure of well in advance. This way you will know exactly what you’re having done and what you’re getting. Be sure to book any beauty appointments, such as hair and nails in advance too, and this means you won’t be rushed off your feet in the weeks running up to the wedding and you won’t have to worry about beauty parlours being booked up either.
Perfect yourself – In order to get perfect skin, book a series of facials in the run up to your wedding. Not only will this decrease the chance of blemishes on the day and give you beautifully glowing skin, but getting a facial can be a fun day out for you and your bridesmaids to enjoy and spend some quality time together. If you want naturally glowing skin, try a light spray tan, and if you like the results, book one a week or two before the wedding in order to get the natural bronzed look you love.
1 Month to go
Choose your perfume – On the day, you want to be feeling fresh, and you can achieve this by choosing a stunning scent to compliment your timeless beauty. It should suit you and it should be something you’ll only wear for special occasions, such as when you’re on your honeymoon, or your anniversaries. Make sure you love it, and once you purchase it, make sure you look after it by keeping it in the box and away from sunlight.
Relax – Turning into a bridezilla will not only put you in a bad mood, but stress and anger can have effects on your appearance. Stress can cause you to come out in blemishes, create bags beneath your eyes and in worst cases can cause your hair to fall out.
Don’t get yourself into a state; as long as you organise yourself in advance, everything will run smoothly and you have time to relax. Keep calm and enjoy the last few weeks before your special day, and you will be happy in the knowledge that everything is perfect, including yourself!

Guest post by Lianne Nichols

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