Review of essence gifts from Dt make up girl giveaway

A couple of months ago I had the pleasure to be informed by Olia that I was the winner of her august giveaway. I enjoyed it so much because the gift was not only one, but a whole package of various cosmetics.
Opening the gifts was like opening Santa Claus’ bag as Olia had wrapped every little thing separately.
I couldn’t wait to use them all, but the truth is that it took me some time as a few days later I gave birth and then my time was so limited. But I promised to try them and share my opinion , so here I am. I have also written a review on Olia’s blog here.

The first thing I tried was the essence match 2 cover concealer. Very soft texture and enough coverage, I will definitely use it a lot. The lightest shade suits me for the area around the eyes and the darker one to cover imperfections on the rest of the face.

I was also anxious to use the essence my skin tinted moisturizer, but unfortunately I haven’t found yet a moisturizer with color that gives me the coverage I need. Of course something that doesn’t work for us can be exactly what another girl needs, so I gave it to my sister who needs little coverage. And I owed her a gift because she had been a model on a blog post!

Next gift was the essence stays no matter what 24h volume mascara. Having used the extreme volume mascara from the same company which is exactly what I’m looking , this one doesn’t offer me the volume I want . Eventually I loved it when I used it without make up. One day that I didn’t feel like wearing make up I tried it and I loved how it highlighted my eyelashes in a natural way. It was like having intense natural eyelashes. I will definitely wear them when I don’t want a very dramatic result. So it was love at second sight! It didn’t smudge even when I forgot I was wearing it and rubbed my eyes or even when I slept at noon . It is waterproof so I can also wear it on the beach . Well, haven’t you ever put on make up to go to the beach? I don’t believe you!

During my pregnancy I didn’t paint my nails , so I was eager to use the nail polishes that I won . Both shades sweet as candy and waka-waka are two of my favorite colors for nails. I launched the pink shade with the fuchsia nail polish from essence tribal summer tip painter set 01 aztecs ceremony to do a quick manicure for you. In the future I will experiment with all the colors and I will try to create more designs.

You can also see it here.

They are easy to apply and only one layer pass was enough. As for the duration, no nail polish lasts on my nails with all the housework I do everyday. Maybe it lasts more with a second layer.

In the picture you can also see the essence tribal summer oil control paper which I haven’t tried yet. It sounds very useful and I think I’ll carry it in my bag in summer.

We continue with another makeup product from essence, no 53 all about cupcake lipstick. In general I can’t find easily a lipstick that satisfies me and looks nice on my lips. However, I had no problem with this one and I like a lot this discreet shade.

Another lip product is the essence gel tint 03 flashy apricot. At first I used it without a lipstick underneath. I put on a little amount for a natural look (it was the day with no make up that I also wore the mascara!) And I really liked the result. Although shades with orange tones are not my favorite, I liked the intensity it gave to my lips.

That’s all the gifts I won! In future posts you will see me wearing them.

Olia has also sent me a sweet letter and a very cute gift for my baby.

I would like to thank Olia again for the beautiful gifts!
I’m glad her giveaway was the reason to get to know her better.
The review I wrote for her blog was the baby’s first post. Since then I have written several posts with him in my arms.

Poor bloggers’ kids! 

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