5 Hair Accessories Every Woman Should Own

Every woman needs a high quality hairbrush. Image
Whether you wear your hair up or down, you’ve probably got a couple of great hair accessories that you turn to every morning. From ties and clips to curlers, a couple of great accessories can make or break your favourite look.
These five hair accessories are, in our opinion, essentials for giving yourself a range of cute, stylish hair options.

From brushes to curling irons, read on to learn the five Hershesons hair accessories that every woman should have in her collection.

1.     Ties and Clips
Whether your hair is straight and thin or thick and wavy, hair ties are an essential part of every girl’s hair care kit. Buy a bulk pack of hair ties so that you’re prepared for any hair emergency.
As well as ties and clips, make sure you have some small and large hair bands. Hair bands are incredibly useful for keeping your hair tight and secure during a workout or simply for keeping your hair up and out of the way during a busy day at work.
2.     Headband
Glam is back. Give yourself the ultimate in retro style with a headband or two. Pick from hard plastic or cloth headbands – or, if you’re in the mood for a retro look, use two or more headbands at once.
Headbands are for more than just casual style. If you’re preparing for a glamorous event, choose a gold or jewelled headband for the ultimate in elegant style.
3.     Brushes and Combs
The old “100 brushes” rule might be nonsense, but brushing your hair is still a good idea. Brushing your hair too hard will cause the strands to break, but brushing it for a reasonable amount of time each morning will spread healthy natural oils.
This means shinier, brighter hair. Add two brushes to your arsenal – a paddle brush brush and a round hairbrush – as well as an old fashioned comb, and you’ll have the brightest, healthiest hair on the block.
4.     Curling Iron
From classic curls to loose and wavy summer hairstyles, curling irons make any look possible. Choose a curling iron based on your target curl size – smaller irons lead to tighter curls – and make sure it’s adjustable to achieve your ideal heat.
If your hair is light and thin, be very careful using your curling iron. Exposure to heat can damage your hair if it’s too extreme, making it vital that you configure your iron before you use it on your hair.
5.     Hair Straighteners
Straight, smooth, and shiny. Hair straighteners make it easy to create the stylish and elegant straight hairstyles you’ve seen on celebrities and supermodels, all from your bedroom.

Choose wide irons for the ultimate in versatility. Like your curling iron, you’ll want to buy hair straighteners with an adjustable temperature setting to avoid damaging your hair.  

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