Avon Shine Attract lipstick

I’m not really fond of lip products, so I try not to buy many lipsticks as I know that at the end I’m going to use only one nude shade and I’ll forget about all the rest. A colour I always avoid is red. It isn’t really that I don’t like it, as I find it very chic and classy. The problem is I feel it isn’t my style and it doesn’t usually stay well on my lips.
Whenever I decide to wear a red lipstick I always regret it in the end and remove it. But maybe influenced by the Christmas spirit I thought of giving it a try and I bought Avon Shine Attract lipstick in Red Smoulder shade.

In general, I like Avon lipsticks. What I expect from a lipstick is to be spreaded easily as I don’t have the best lip texture, I don’t pay much attention on its duration.

This one is a special product as it is covered with gel and it gives a sparkling effect. It has the feeling of a lip balm and it’s very smooth. The gel is transparent, so all the colour is in the middle of the product. This means that during the application you have to remember to place the lipstick out of your lips’ line.

The result isn’t very intense. For me it’s ok and I would also like to try it in a nude shade, but for another woman it may not be enough.
You can boost the colour with a lip pencil as a base, which will also help it last more. 

You can see me wearing it on a Christmas make up look here.

Have you tried it too?

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