Breaking wedding dress codes

You know that Spring has arrived when you see the flowers blossom, you hear the kids play outside and the weather is mild. Personally, there is another factor that makes me realise that Springtime is here, the wedding invitations!

Honestly, after Easter, we usually get ‘bombarded’ by upcoming wedding notifications of relatives or acquaintances.


Whether you are closely related to the groom or the bride or the intended spouses are just family friends, colleagues or neighbours the question is the same ‘What shall I wear?’.
In my opinion, nowadays wedding guests are not asked to follow certain dress codes and they just follow their taste and adjust it to the season.
The colour that is supposed to be forbidden to wear when you attend a wedding is white, as traditionally this is the colour of the bride’s dress.
To be honest with you, I wasn’t aware of that ‘prohibition’ until my friends and colleagues started getting married and we had some girl talk about the wedding plans. 
And similar colours, such as champagne, cream, ivory  need to be eliminated too. 
 I understand that you can’t wear a dress that looks like a wedding dress as the bride needs to stand out, but do you agree we should stay away from a white outfit in general? 
cruise wear dresses
It is ironic how white colour, which tends to represent happiness, is not allowed on such a joyful occasion. On the contrary, black, which is also associated with mourning, is acceptable and one of the most usual choices.
The length of the dress is another aspect you should take into consideration. If there is a white-tie dress code, it is more appropriate to opt for a full-length evening dress.
Shades of red and purple are very popular choices for evening dresses.
A woman’s age may also determine the colour she should wear.
Younger ladies often go for pastel colours, while older women prefer earthy shades.
How do you choose your outfit when you go to a wedding?
Do you follow certain rules or you just choose a dress according to your preference without taking into account the above ‘mustnt’s’?
Is it reasonable to you to avoid white?
Are you a fan of black or you aren’t afraid of brighter colours?
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