My second shopping from Sammydress

A while ago I wrote about my first experience with In that post I mentioned that although that was my first order which was sponsored by the company, I had already received another order which I received first. So, today I’m going to talk about my second order which I received first. 
I was surprised that the sponsored order came later than the other one which I had placed later.
And I was very lucky as I wasn’t wise enough to make this order earlier and make sure I would have the gifts I wanted for New Year’s Eve, however, it arrived on 31 January!
When I saw the parcel, it was so small that I thought that a lot of things would be missing, but it was just the way they had packed everything.

Before I order I took a look at the reviews and discovered that there were some awful opinions about the site and their service. Nevertheless, I decided to take the risk. That I had been already contacted for the sponsored review made me feel more secure that if something went wrong, it would be easier for me to get in touch with them.

As you can see in the photos it was a big order with a variety of different items. I bought several pieces of jewellery as their price was so low. Because of their price I didn’t expect them to look great, but I was happily surprised with them. They looked exactly like the photos and the people I offered them as gifts loved them. I put them in nice packaging and you couldn’t tell they weren’t expensive. For the rings I made sure to buy those which adjust to your size. Except for the one with the dolphin which is small and not my favourite one and I gave it to one of my little nieces to play, all the other rings were so cute I wanted to keep them for myself!

This order didn’t include any garments, but you can see the clothes I received in my previous post
I ordered several toys for my nieces and big son. They were all very nice. The size was smaller than I expected, but when I checked the site I found out that there were measurements for each product, but I hadn’t really paid attention on them. I knew that the jenga was a mini version, as I had read the reviews, but I hadn’t realised that the puppies with their cases would be so small. My nieces loved them anyway, and next time I’ll also buy one for my son because he likes them too. 

There was something missing from my order. This cute small gift set with towels was supposed to be a set of two, but I received only one. But I was so satisfied with everything else that I didn’t care and I didn’t inform the company about that. It was so cheap afterall.

For the end I have left some beauty products. The make up palette was  a gift to one of my older nieces. I will ask her if I can borrow and use it in a future post to tell you how it is.

What was a very big surprise was the set of eye pencils. They are a set of twelve black eye pencils with sharpener. I have given some of them to friends and relatives. I couldn’t believe that they give a very decent result and they haven’t caused me any trouble. I don’t know what their ingredients are, but I don’t know that for any eye pencil I use. I have used it in my previous post here and you can see me wearing it in the photo below.


I also bought a set of false nails for my niece and one for me. I haven’t tried them on yet. When I use them, I’ll show them in a future post. As you can see, I also bought a box full of nail art decoration. As I had stayed away from nail polishes and everything related during my pregnancy, now I love doing my nails when I find some free time. 
In the past I bought many types of nail art decoration and each container cost more than I paid for the whole box. 
You can see a manicure wearing some hearts here.

I didn’t know if I was going to write this post as I don’t want to write posts just with my shopping if I don’t have to say much about the products or I don’t show them in a make up or manicure post.
But lately I’ve read many reviews about this site, which I hadn’t heard of until recently, and I thought my opinion may be helpful to some of you.

I also purchased hair accessories for myself. I intend to make posts with them where I’m going to write more details. For the time being, I can say that I like them and I may buy more in the future.

The sponge hair tool is made of a cheap material, but it works with the right length of hair. I’m wearing it at the moment with a half up-half down hairstyle.
The ponytail looks gorgeous. I have only worn it once.
I was wearing the plastic tool which gives volume on this post here, but I may create a new more detailed post about its use.

Now let’s see the shipping part. 
I placed this order on 2 December and received it on 31 December. I think it was fast enough as it was in the middle of Christmas period.

The sponsored order took long, but I didn’t care. I placed the order on 15 November and received it on 14 January.
In general, I was satisfied with the items I received and I have placed another small order.
Have you purchased any items from them? How was your experience with them?
In case you place an order, I would appreciate it if you could do it through my links or banners.

I already had a giveaway with them and we may have another one in the future again.

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