Using nail striping tape for the first time

At Christmas I realised I didn’t have any red nail paint. So, I chose this burgundy shade #730 from BornPrettyStore. I also decided to buy a striping tape for the first time, although I had no idea how I would use it.
The colour looks better than I expected for my taste as I like darker shades of red.
As I never plan in advance what I’m going to do, I hadn’t prepared any special design with the tape.

I remembered that I had also run out of a good top coat. So, I ordered this flower fragrance fast dry top coat. I received the blue bottle. It is very cute, but at the beginning the smell is too strong. 
After I had finished with the first stripe, the rest was easy.
You can hold the stripe from one edge, stick it on your nail and remove the extra stripe with a pair of scissors.
I can’t talk about the duration of the nail polish and top coat yet as housework made me remove them very quickly. I’ll use them again and see.
In the same order there were some other items I’ll use and show in future posts.
Have you ever used striping tapes? Did you like them?
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Shipping is free and there is no minimum purchase.


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