UV Gel Nail Art Professional Kit from BornPrettyStore

When I was younger there was a period I took care of my nails a lot and I had even learnt doing everything a professional would do. Of course I hadn’t practiced enough and I don’t think I was great at this art. I think my weak point has to be nail art design, as I’m not good at drawing in general.
So, back then I treated myself from spa manicure to artificial nails whenever I had some free time.
I used to work a lot at this period, but I didn’t do much housework and this means I didn’t destroy my manicure as soon as I finished it. 
Now it’s impossible to sit down and do my nails whenever I want.
I have received this package for a couple of weeks now and I couldn’t find some time to explore and play with it.

This is a presentation of UV Gel Nail Art Professional Kit from BornPrettyStore which consists of:

– 3 colors UV gel (clear, white and pink)
– 2 x UV Gel remover cleanser which removes excess gel and enhances shine



– 5 pcs UV gel brushes #2, 4, 6, 8, 10
– 1 x No. 8 French UV gel brush
– 1 x primer which you apply on the center of the nail surface
– 1 x UV topcoat which dries with any UV light. It helps to achieve faster drying, longer lasting and higher shine and no yellowing.


– 1 x black buffing sanding block file
– 1 x four-way buffing block
– 1 x white buffing sanding block file
– 1 x black bent sanding file
– 1 x straight sanding file


– 12 colours glitter powder decoration


– 500 pcs white half false nail tips sizes 1 to 10
– 1 x false nail glue

– 240 pcs nail tips adhesive sticky glue


First of all, for this quantity of products the price is unbelievable. The whole kit costs $31,85 and in the UV Gel section you can also find kits with less items if you don’t need all these. In the past I had spent a lot of money for similar products.This kit provides a large variety of nail items which could be very useful for a professional or for a woman who does her nails on her own. 



For my first approach with this kit I used the adhesive tips which are actually stickers with a sticky glue like a gel on both sides. I suppose they’re great for temporary results if you want to wear false nails.
Then I chose the right size of tips for my fingers. I used numbers 9, 5, 5, 4, 1. For my ring finger and thumb I filed the tips, so that I create the exact size.


With a false nails clipper I shortened the tips and then filed them.


For every order from BornPrettyStore you can use the code DKH10 for 10% discount. There is no minimum purchase and shipping is free.
Video Presentation on my YouTube channel

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