DIY: Girls’ room make over (stenciling)


I think Spring is a good moment to make changes at home. You don’t need to spend much money to refresh your place. All you need is creativity.
These are some suggestions to decorate a girls’ room. My sister and her daughters changed the girls’ room, so this is one more post I have exploited my family!

First of all, they painted the walls. The room used to be bright yellow and orange and this time they chose purple with light yellow.

Then they changed the colour of an old brown divan bed into white.
To decorate the beds they made their own stencils. They took an old placemat and drew flowers, then they cut out the designs.


With the handmade stencils the girls decorated the beds using a sponge which they dipped in the purple paint.




New purple and white curtains completed the new look.



What do you think?
(I first published this post last year and you could see the end of this on my friend Jennifer’s blog as a guest post. But now that her blog is closed I thought I should show the whole post here because you wouldn’t be able to see the final result anywhere)

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