Easter manicure with Bunny water Decals, a Gift on my wrist and a sweet surprise from a Blogger friend

This is my Easter manicure. I have used a new nail polish by a company which is called Orkide and some nail decals. I hadn’t used decals before and I had no idea how they are used. It was easy in the end, but I didn’t stick them very straight on my nails.
I am impressed with the nail polish. I do a lot of housework and the paint never stays on my nails for more than two days.
 I removed the colour on the fifth day because some parts had been removed because of some chores.
I used the nail decals I have shown here which I bought from BornPrettyStore.

After I had painted my nails and the colour had dried, I cut out each design I wanted to use.
I put each piece into the water for a few seconds and then I placed it on my nails and the pattern transferred.
I wasn’t able to stick them straight as you can’t see the pattern while you’re putting it on the nail.
At the end I applied top coat. I thought the decals wouldn’t stay on for long, but I was wrong. I noticed that after I had soaked them in the water the colous faded a little and the pink ones became purple.
I would like to try different patterns and experiment more. I hope I can stick them better next time. I like the fact that they haven’t peeled off like stickers.
Have you used this brand of nail polish or any nail decals?
For any purchase from BornPrettyStore you can use the code DKH10 and get 10% off.
Having some paint on my nails I thought it was a good chance to show off a new bracelet I bought from choies.com.
Lately I like crosses a lot. What do you think? 
This year I didn’t put any Easter decoration in the house. The only Easter thing I have put on our piano is the sweetest gift I received from a blogger friend. My sweet friend Joanna surprised me with these crafts she created for me. You can’t imagine how happy I was when I received it and I couldn’t believe that somebody who doesn’t know me personally spent some time to create a personal gift for me. She also wrote me a note to explain why she chose the brides as the theme of her gift. I guess you already know how much I love wedding dresses!!! I would like to thank her so much for this kind gesture!!! 
Happy Easter everyone!!!
My best wishes!!!


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