Happy Summer moments and some lovely gifts

This Summer started with a little sickness in the family and a lot of occupation with the kids and the house and that’s why I haven’t been very active on blogging lately, but despite the tiredness, there are also some good moments I would like to share with you.

First of all, I was so happy to be informed by my friend Dimi from Aussi Dimi Decoupage that I was one of the winners of her 2nd blog anniversary giveaway. You can’t imagine how excited I was that I would have the chance to be holding in my arms some of her creations. I would like to thank her again and invite everyone to her blog to find out how talented she is.
My gifts were a wooden box and a bar of soap decorated by Dimi, but she also sent me a bottle!
Thanks to her I have learnt about decoupage which is a technique I hadn’t heard before.
I have placed the box on our piano to show it to our guests and I have put the other two gifts on a girly corner in my room! I love them!

And here is my eye make up and hairstyle I created on a special day. For my eyes I chose a turquoise eyeshadow combined with orange from my favourite palette from Tmart.com together with Kryolan satin powder in the same shade and Kryolan glamour sparks.

On my hair I made a bun like the one I showed here, but this time I added a gold flower. My hair looks much blonder than it really is because of the flash.

How is your Summer so far?

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