Increase Your Sales with Wholesale Jewelry and More

The less money that you spend on products for your store, the more profit you can make. Business owners today face a number of problems when it comes to purchasing products at wholesale prices though. They often need to fill out a large amount of paperwork and show proof that they have their own companies, or they need to buy thousands of dollars of merchandise at one time. As they aren’t sure what sells and what doesn’t sell, they might find themselves stocking merchandise that just sits on the stove shelves.

Purchasing wholesale jewelry and other products can help you increase sales and keep the merchandise flying off the shelves.

Wholesale Jewelry

Wholesale jewelry appeals to a wide range of customers. Shops that cater to young girls and teens, fashion stores for women, dollar stores and even tattoo parlors keep jewelry on the shelves for customers. There are thousands of different pieces that you can add to your store, including anklets, bangle bracelets, shell jewelry, sterling silver rings, necklaces and pearl jewelry. When you shop from the right sources, you can even find display cases and different accessories that you can use to grab the eyes of your customers.


Promotional Items

Giving away free promotional products is a great way to make customers want to shop with your store. Many shops offer small items that they give away to everyone who makes a purchase, but other stores offer larger and more expensive products that customers only receive after making a purchase of a certain amount. Jewelry stores often use promotional items in the form of small jewelry boxes, bracelets, wallets and coin purses. You’ll also find makeup cases that come with a tiny mirror tucked inside. As your customers use those products frequently, they’ll remember shopping at your store.

Miscellaneous Products

Whether you have an online store or a traditional retail store, you need to keep products in a wide range of prices on hand. You never know when your next customer might turn and walk away because your prices are too high. Precious International offers a wide range of affordable jewelry and accessories for your store. You’ll find everything from mother of pearl necklaces and sterling silver rings to LED flashlights and inexpensive necklaces and bracelets for juniors and teens. Click here to learn more about the wholesale prices available on those items or to find out more about placing an order.


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