Dramatic Green Eye Make Up

I created this eye make up last winter, but I had never found the time to post it here, I had only shown a photo on Instagram. As Halloween is close I thought it would be nice to share it with you now or I would have to wait until Christmas!
I can see so many interesting Halloweem make up looks these days even from girls that haven’t had any makeup classes.

I am glad I had written down the products I had used, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to remember.

Products:Kryolan green satin powder
essence black mascara for volume
essence jumbo eyeliner pen
BornPrettyStore brown eyebrow shadow
Radiant gold Glitter
BornPrettyStore thick false eyelash

And for the end I have left a secret to make you laugh. That day I was supposed to do a look for Valentine’s Day! Ha, ha, ha! I kept the other eye for that look.

Here is before I do anything on my right eye. 
BornPrettyStore: 10% off code DKH10

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